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  1. alanpostman

    Door Trim

    someone reversed into my door and dented it. the insurance had it repaired at a bodyshop and they have not replaced the plastic membrane properly. now when it rains the water runs out of the bottom of the door trim as well as the door drain holes. im still a bit worried about snapping the the panel clips as it does feel really tight when I tried pulling it with my fingers. I have got a panel removal tool but wondering if this will damage the plastic as it does scratch easily. alan
  2. alanpostman

    Door Trim

    thanks for that david. I will give it a go at the weekend when I have more time.
  3. alanpostman

    Door Trim

    could anyone tell me how to remove the door trim on my iq. are they a push fit as I cant find any screws to undo like many conventional cars. thanks
  4. i was told by a Toyota mechanic that if you do regular services and keep the oil topped up the chain should never need replacing. not sure how true that is, but mine is 4 years old and is as sweet as a nut.
  5. alanpostman


    didn't think you could fit 18 inch rims on such a small car. does it handle better on the corners than with the original wheels and is the ride a bit more harder. thought tyres that wide would rub the inner wheel arches.
  6. ive had a look at changing the plugs on my 1.0 and think you can get away with just unbolting the throttle body without draining the coolant, as it looks like a sealed unit. then just pulling it out the way to get to the middle plug. still a bit puzzled why Haynes didn't do a manual for this car ?
  7. alanpostman


    Could anyone help me out and tell me what's the largest wheel and tyre combo you can fit on a standard iq. Worried about the tyres rubbing the wheel arches on full lock. Also does it change the speed reading on the speedo.Just want to make the car look a bit more sporty. Can't lower the suspension where I live because of all the speed bumps on the roads. Any help much appreciated.
  8. mine seems to rattle less when it gets hot. but when I go to work in the morning its at its worst.
  9. my car has developed an annoying rattle coming from the dashboard. Ive had my partner press on all parts of the dash while im driving and still can't find where its coming from. Anyone else had this problem as its doing my head in. Never rattled when I first got the car 18 months ago.
  10. alanpostman


    not sure if there was a delivery that day, but my car is running like a dream now, so sticking with proper fuel from now on.
  11. alanpostman


    My car has started running better, not sure why but thinking it was dodgy fuel from morrisons. so I took it for a 100 mile motorway blast to burn all the fuel off then filled the tank with proper fuel and seems to run ok now. Fingers crossed and not changing the plugs now.
  12. alanpostman


    is the throttle body a sealed unit. because you don't have to remove the 2 water pipes in order to move it out of the way of the coils. just want to be sure when I loosen the throttle body it don't start leaking water into the inlet manifold. cheers
  13. alanpostman


    my 1.0 iq has started to become sluggish between gear thinking it might be the spark plugs, so ive bought a set to see if it makes any difference. would anyone know if you can just unbolt the throttle body and move it out the way to get to the centre plug. I noticed it is water cooled and wondered if you have to drain the system before you unbolt it. my car has only done 30000 on a 59 plate and have read the plugs should last 6 years or 600000 miles. any help would be most grateful.
  14. alanpostman

    Engine Oil

    could anyone help me out. my Toyota dealer said they use 5w-30 semi synthetic oil, but I was wondering if it would be ok to use fully synthetic instead. doing my own servicing now the car is out of warranty, many thanks,
  15. alanpostman

    Mpg Gauge

    can anyone tell me why the average mpg gauge only goes up to 60 mpg, when they say the car can do 64 mpg. i have averaged between 52 and 55 mpg but no higher even if i drive economically.