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  1. Just had an MOT failure. Excessive corrosion on front to back brake pipes. Can anyone tell me if they are easy enough for a competent DIY mech to detach? I don't have a ramp to lift it and will be doing it on stands.
  2. Happy Birthday 1999avensis!

  3. Geoffaxford you are a legend. I've been running round different garages trying to solve the same problem. Sunroof wouldn't close that last inch and sit within the roof. Followed you instructions and now it's running perfectly. Gotta love this forum.
  4. Aidan, you've just made my day!! Before knowing this I was going to shell out 300 to get one fitted. Now I just need to find the fitting instructions for the electrics. Cheers mate.
  5. Are the holes for fitting a towbar on my 99 avensis estate predrilled? hopefully so and I can diy it.
  6. Konrad, thanks. Its an 1800 petrol est, fuel injected on a T. A mate came and had a look and there's a sensor on the injection bar just after the carb. A gentle tap on there with the handle of a screwy and bingo. So its a trip to the breakers yard to get a spare. It's only happened the once, so it'll be added to my "to do list" :-D
  7. Help! I've been out today driving with no problems. I get home, put it into reverse but as i do the engine cuts out. With my foot on the brake and clutch i expected it to idle but it just stalled. I've tried several times to run it but get the same result, it drops idle speed then keeps going and just cuts out. Any suggestions?
  8. Help! I've been out in the car today and all was well. When i got home i noticed the car wanted to cut out as i changed gear into reverse, it actually stalled which led to the Mrs taking the *****. But when i tried to restart it, as soon the revs got to idle speed they kept dipping and it cut out again. tank is over quarter full. any ideas?
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums 1999avensis :)

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