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  1. Hi battery it self is ok otherwise it would not start. its reading on meter 12.6v.
  2. Hi again, i can't believe there is no help on this forum to above fault which i have. If anybody as some sort of idea for above fault pls can you comment this would be a great help.
  3. Hi sam Did find out the problem with battery low oil light lights, I have got same issue but cant get to the bottoms of it. Thanks
  4. Hi James_180 Did you fit in new battery? Did it solve fault? I'm sharing your pain Let us no if sorted problem out, I update once i have got to bottom of this fault thanks
  5. Hi all Pls i need help!!! Ive got a fault on my avensis d4d 2005 model, I have a battery light low oil light fuel filter light on dashboard when car is running. I changed the alternator thinking this may be fault but the light are still on dash. I changed belts and made no joy. Has anybody experienced the same fault and have rectified this fault, I'm going around in circles lol!!!! I hope some can give me sum advise to resolve this fault Many Thanks.
  6. Hi Jamie_t80 Ive got this fault with my avensis 2.0 d4d 2005, Ive had alternator changed but still have same fault. Did you resolve fault?? thanks
  7. Ive bought toyota avensis d4d 2005, I have a battery light, low oil light fuel filter light on dash when car is running. The battery is charging and alternator is running fine. Ive changed the alternator and belts and gave a full service no joy!!!! I checked all fuses seem fine I'm woundring if some could help me, Ive booked it with toyota recall of towbar. Its would be greatfull had same prob and how to resolve fault. Many thanks
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums bigboy1207 :)

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