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  1. Hi Mort, hope you manage to get to the bottom of this....no sign of any broken springs or suspension parts? My problem was more a loud clunk, heard/felt through the steering wheel when turning at slow speeds/parking. I eventually traced it to the upper steering column, which I believe has been a problem for others too. The lubrication on the splines dry up and bind....when the wheel would turn to full lock, the pressure would snap the bind with a horrible clunk. Was a relatively easy footwell job to remove the upper shaft and regrease...remembering to tape/tie the wheel to center position while doing it.
  2. Have had a lingering problem with our 2010 1.8 tourer, with the car exhibiting clunks through the steering while steering at slow speeds/parking. I can feel it through the wheel and also slightly through the brake pedal....so although I haven't been able to recreate the problem while viewing to actually see the spring snapping back, I reckon it's probably the drivers side strut mount that needs replacing. I haven't attempted removal yet, but wondered if anyone here has done this? How hard is it to remove the metal panel that cowls the strut mount bolts for access? Any tips greatly received. Thanks again.
  3. As thread title - was just wondering if anyone had any experience with fitting aftermarket control arms to their Avensis? Needing an arm in the not-to-distant....having a look there is a huge difference in prices between them. The TRW kit (a brand I have always thought fair-good) chimes in at a suspiciously cheap £60.....whereas it's almost double that for makes such as BluePrint and Febi Bilstein with no ball joint. Any thoughts or experience welcome. I am not overly fussed about getting the very best quality....I live on an Island blasted by the full force of the Atlantic, so everything turns to rat-**** fast anyway....just have an eye on decent vfm, Cheers.
  4. Thanks Konrad! Much appreciated. A bit torn as there is a recentish low mileage intact rack available just now for £100. Several manufacturers have the inner tie rod for £15-£20. I would just be interested to hear if anyone here has had to deal with this recently....and could comment on the job. I agree, strange indeed that Toyota don't supply the part....that's making me second guess myself a bit I guess. The fact that there are 3 or 4 parts makers, including FirstLine/Delphi, listing the inner tie, suggests it should be ok though I hope. Needing to do the drivers side wishbone too....getting pretty rusted up - wind driven salt....island life! Sláinte ps. Great link to parts diagram, one for the bookmarks. Cheers.
  5. Have been experiencing the tiniest of clunks while turning close to full lock at slow speeds in our 1.8 Tourer. It was in for it's service this week, and the mechanic confirmed that there is a small amount of play on the track rod at the rack end. Reading back through some old threads in here, I seem to be seeing that there was an issue with this and that at the time, Toyota didn't list a part for the track rod, and specified the whole rack to be replaced. Can anyone with experience/knowledge of this comment on the current situation? Obviously, I am reluctant to change the rack if unecessary....and I see what I think is the right part now listed by a few parts makers: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BTR5719-BORG-BECK-STEERING-RACK-END-L-R-Toyota-Avensis-T27-2008-/152028376725?hash=item236598ee95:g:3S4AAOSwGYVW9QoO http://www.delphicat.com/WebForms/frmDelphiHome.aspx?territory=3&language=1&yearFormat=UK&MMLRegion=1#1476851837067 Is this what I am after? I will have a mechanic relative fit it soon on a visit, just need to get the right part. I see a couple of very low mileage racks available if need be. Cheers again.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts, Heidfirst. (I should have mentioned the car is the 1.8.).
  7. I am thinking of buying some all season tyres and putting them on a set of steel wheels. I have found these from Tyreleader which seem to be the correct replacement for my T27 Tourer alloys (215/55/17): https://www.tyreleader.co.uk/steel-wheels/toyota/avensis-iii/1-8vvt-i-20107 Can any kind person confirm for me if these are correct, and just as pertinently, point me to the correct wheel nuts to order from MisteR Tees website: http://www.mistertee.co.uk/3.html - I am without a clue! Many thanks in advance.
  8. I have found a few past threads on this, but write again for clarification. Thinking of having a go at this soon, but a bit hesitant in case I make an **** of it! Am I right in thinking that the Autel/Foxwell electronic devices often quoted as being necessary, simply function to "auto-rewind" the calipers....a job that can in fact be done with a manual rewind tool? Anyone else doing this soon that could be persuaded or bribed to take a few pics or short video? :) Also, anyone using Delphi pads/discs on their T27? Any thoughts? Many thanks.
  9. Thanks parts King. The only official dealership within anywhere near me (Inv) referred me to the specialist along the road, as they themselves don't have a bodyshop and can't deal with it. It was the Toyota specialist who does bodywork that initially contacted Toyota and garnered the warranty authentication. Like I say, it is agreed for them to replace one door but only to fix the second, I just want to argue my case for that. I am not sure the specialists are motivated to take up my case beyond where we are at. I guess I will try contacting the warranty department directly and see what they say. From what you advise, it sounds like I will have to go on a roadtrip to find another dealership....without guarantee of getting anywhere new. Harumph. Sláinte.
  10. Like others, I recently noticed our car has these dreaded cracks. I consulted with a Toyota specialist, who referred it to Toyota and got warranty authorisation to replace the drivers side and to repair the passenger side. Before going ahead with this, I would like to try and negotiate with Toyota directly to have both doors replaced, as I believe this is a manufacturing defect. The passengers side isn't as bad as the drivers, as you would expect, but has visibly begun cracking in the same way. Do you think this is reasonable? The specialist only initially provided Toyota with a couple of quick phone snaps of the check straps, so I am thinking it probably didn't show much for the lesser damage door. Does anyone happen to have an email address for the Toyota UK warranty dept? Any advice in how to handle it for best outcome? Many thanks, G
  11. As Topic Title, an inch or so of paint has split and bubbled a bit along the edge where the wing meets the bumper and will need to come off to touch up. I wouldn't mind a go at fixing myself, but it would be good if anyone could tell me the feasibility of getting the bugger off in the first place. Many thanks.
  12. Have managed to have a quick look around, but still not found the root of the problem. Pollen filter could do with replacing, but it is bone dry, with no sign of water behind the dash at all. Bulkhead seal looks good, and everything is immaculate in and around the scuttle. The carpets seem to be starting to dry a bit, despite wind driven rain here today. I suspect this points more towards a problem with the ac drain, or some way it is taking on water while driving.
  13. Thanks very much for that Frosty. As soon as it is tenable to stand up outside (Hebridean hooley blowing outside), I will check those things and report back. Slainte.
  14. Just a thought, could it be a problem with the ac drain? Bad condensation over a couple of damp winter months would be enough to soak carpets if not draining? Other thought was that it occurred while pressure washing, but I doubt this. Cheers.
  15. Further to my recent post about finding the spare wheel well deep with water, I have just discovered that the carpets are sodden through in each of the four footwells. It seems that this car is waterproof from the inside out. I have no idea how long this has been going on for, but I suspect quite a while, despite only just noticing it. There was a moderate condensation problem, but we are quite used to this out here in the isles so didn't think to much of it. Then when we found the boot with water in, naturally assumed that this was the problem. Turns out probably not. Trying my best to dry it out, initially with paper towels and thickly stacked absorbent material, left to soak up at nights....drawing out loads of water. I guess I should really try to figure out how to remove carpet for dying, but would rather not tinker with the fit. Hope to finish dying with heat.....only there is wind driven rain here just now, so we will see! Can anyone point to a likely culprit for ingress? My initial thought was that water was leaking in at the boot area and running along a wiring loom through the car, then absorbing through the under carpet by osmosis....but after inspection tonight, I am not sure that is the case. Would love to just hand it over to the dealers under 5 year warranty, but I have to get there first, and may take me a week or two to make it to the mainland. Obviously I am keen to do damage limitation before then, so all ideas appreciated. Many thanks.