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  1. Hi this is a very random request and I have been told its not a common thing to happen. Basically I opened my boot to put some shopping in and one of the hinges snapped clean!! which then made the boot shift to one side and hang on with one hinge. The AA guy managed to get the boot down and is now on the catch. I have been looking everywhere to try find these parts but no luck. Have tried lots of scrap places and some say they just chuck these items. Its for the older Avensis Vermont 2001 Y reg. Any help would be great!! Thanks :)
  2. Thanks for the replys, I took it to the garage and turns out it was just the cable that needed lubing and since then has been fine so all sorted :) nothing major.
  3. yea it is a cable, it all seems to move freely when using the throttle, checked when the bonnet was up and butterfly works fine.. is very confusing as it doesn't do it all the time but not nice when it does.
  4. I have a avensis 1.6 vvti 2001, only recently the accelerator pedal is sticking... seems to happen when I first start driving the car go to about 2nd or 3rd gear pedal goes hard and lift foot off but builds up speed to about 3000 + rpm, I pull over turn car off, pump the pedal back to normal and drive it again then it seems to work fine but it could just be coincidence. I looked online and read could be car mat caught under, its not that. Other thing was throttle body needing clean. I had a look at it today and looked inside the throttle seems to move freely no obvious dirt... unless its right down where I cant see? Has anyone else had these problems and are they likely to get worse? thank you for reading :) any help would be great!
  5. yea I will do that. thank you for all the comments you have all been very helpful :) ill get them done asap and see if problem goes.
  6. ok thanks, sounds like I definitely need a new set of discs then. I got quoted £160 for front discs and pads to be replaced is that a fair price?
  7. below 40mph steering is fine. When Im driving down hill at a higher speed and braking that is the worse time. Is having warped discs quite dangerous or will you always have brakes whatever?
  8. I have a Toyota avensis 1.6 vvti 2001, when I start to brake over 40mph my steering wheel decides to go mad. I do feel like the problem is coming from the front end of the car. I recently had the rear pads done on my car. Im thinking it could be the front discs because I think the pads are fine. Has anyone had the same problem?
  9. Welcome to the Toyota forums kate123 :)