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  1. Pretty sure it's a belt. The manual says it is and there's a belt on the car.
  2. I had a look it's the timing belt not aux belt. It should be changed 9yrs/90k miles.
  3. Anyone service their own car? Just wondering if anyone had any tips? Sump plug size, anything to make it easier etc. Thanks.
  4. Thanks missed that, I'll go with 5w30 as per 'Other petrol engines 5w30'. The old servicing bills had mobile 5w30 on it from the Toyota MD.
  5. Just looking at servicing my auris. Looked in the book and the prefered oil is 0w/20 which is a bit thin to my mind. It lists others as acceptable, but then says 5w/30 is acceptable but should change back to 0w/20 on the next servicing. I was wondering what people on here used or if garage serviced what they used?
  6. Just to hop on this thread, does anyone know how often the aux belt should be changed? I've a 1.6 petrol 57 plate (1ZR-FE?)
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