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  1. I thought it might be but normally you have to line it up. Ie set it to 2 before it will pop off. I don't really fancy damaging it.
  2. Does anyone know how to get the dial for the A/C off to replace the backlight? It's blower control dial (0-4). Thanks.
  3. Hi, The central orange light above the gear lever is going on and off. Not blinking but sometimes very dim then off after a few minutes, then maybe 10 mins it's back on normally. Anyone know how you can get to the lights? The side panels look pretty well secured.
  4. I wondered if anyone had changed their g/box oil. Looked in the book it says 4 yrs/40000m it needs changing?
  5. Ah right thanks. Sounds about right, it's used to absorb fuel vapour. Not sure how it can be checked though?
  6. No I don't think it's the same. I've not got the service book to hand, but I'm pretty sure it lists them seperatly. I'll double check later on.
  7. It says in the handbook it needs checking every 20k miles. However I can't find it and it doesn't say what about it to check, anyone done this before ? Thanks.
  8. I take it you don't actually need to be a company to sign up? I've found them quite useful in the past. Logged in now. Thanks for that.
  9. As I do my own servicings I thought it would be helpful to have a Haynes manual and having searched on here there have been several other requests for them. I emailed Haynes with regard to a date to bringing one out, sadly they have no plans to bring one out in the next 12-18 months. Anyone know of any other ways of getting similar information ?
  10. Anyone know the dimensions of the back brakes on a 2007 1.6 auris? I've had a look online and there seems to be several sizes, anyone know? Thanks.
  11. It might also be the compressor can you hear it kick in when you turn the a/c on?
  12. Hi I've got a 2007 Auris. After just 20 miles the ABS warning light came on. Anyone else had this problem? Apparantly it's a wheel bearing problem and the garage can't get the spares until next week. Anyone else have problems with getting spares for their Toyota?
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums sooty11 :)

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