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  1. Which ones are you referring to?
  2. The price of those put me off a little bit. I am currently looking at Philips DRL8 - however, I've measured the grille of my car and it does not seem big enough to fit the Philips DRL's with 600mm space between them (by several mm). Is it really necessary for them to be exactly over 600mm apart? Or would several mm be okay?
  3. Hey, I've been looking at the following DRL's http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/LED-DRL-for-Toyota-Yaris-2012-Daytime-Running-Lights-LED-Fog-Lamp-Free-Shipping/806628_686324529.html and have been debating whether these are legal or not? I have a friend who will help fit them to my Yaris 2012, but he is telling me that they are spotlights and are only legal to be turned on during poor visibility - but these aren't spotlights, are they? Can anyone clear this up for me (us) please? I wish to find DRL's that fit into the lower right/left brackets of my car and this appears to be the only pla
  4. Sorry, I don't think I was clear on my last post. I have already contacted them and I was informed that they do not sell that part. But thanks.
  5. I have already tried finding a place to buy them but there are no Bosch distributors that sell that model.
  6. Those blades are for the MK2 model (2005-2010). I'm searching for the MK3 model wiper blades.
  7. I tried using white vinegar several times. A lot of grime comes off the wipers and windscreen (cloth turned black), but even after that I get the same smears. Turns out that I cannot even find decent wipers for my car, such as Bosch. They have a model number 707U, but I have been told by them that they don't sell it worldwide...
  8. Any recommendations on what to use to clean my windscreen? I have read many positive feedback about using Barkeepers friend.
  9. I am simply using the shampoo that came with the Supagard kit. However, I did notice that the smears happened after I took my car through a hand car wash. Halfords double concentrated as washer fluid; although this was happening before I bought that though.
  10. Hey, I'm beginning to lose my mind over this but I cannot seem to get rid of this smear I have on my windscreen when using my wipers; I already changed my wipers at my Toyota service center but it is still doing the same thing. The second or two "haze" also makes it dangerous to drive at night when it is raining. Any suggestions?
  11. I have thoroughly cleaned my windscreen and wipers with more or less everything that has been suggested by other people (vinegar, meth), AND replaced my wipers with new ones from Toyota; yet I am still getting smears across my windscreen. Has anyone got any other ideas besides the obvious of a new windscreen?
  12. I have this exact same problem - it is not just the "tracks" button, but also the playlist/search function that appears on the top right of the screen. Moreover, I don't seem to have "system information" under my settings > general tab; thus unable to register on My Toyota.
  13. Hey, I'm trying to register my car on My Toyota's website and it is asking me for my Touch device ID. That being said, I went to Settings > General > System information as advised. However, I do not seem to have "system information" in the general tab, nor do I have any way to "scroll down" to look for it. Any one else experienced this problem?
  14. I will clean my windscreen and wipers again thoroughly to remove any grime left on it; smearing is what I am most concerned about.
  15. Hey, I have been trying to find suitable decent wiper blades for my Yaris 2012 that I bought 6 months ago. I tried two Bosch blades so far but they do not fit my car - the hook type on my Yaris seems to differ from the standard hook. Can any one suggest a wiper blade that will fit my blade or do I have to take it to my car dealer? Thanks in advanced, Michael
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