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  1. I have a 2016 rav 4 (facelift model) and im looking for some side steps for it but cant seem to find any for this model. All the ones i have found online are for previous models and state they do not fit the facelift version. I can get them from toyota with a nice price tag of over £500 which i am a bit reluctant to pay as i think thats a bit steep for what they are. Does anyone have any idea where i may be able to source some, i can fit them no problem so just need the parts
  2. Sorry you feel that way although i dont see how you can fault them i have drove in the night with them and they are fine and im personally happy with them
  3. Yea i know they are a 90 degree angle but there is more than enough cable on both sides and enough space if they are a straight end base A friend of mine bought these for his vauxhall corsa side lights, they do look good when they are on but he only paid 75p for each of his from one of the industrial estates round here, ill find out and get back to you on this!
  4. I hanen't looked yet i did have mine out today tho am i right in thinking they are H13? And FYI the lights took 2-3 weeks to be delivered but they are much better than the originals ill also have a loom for fogs and if i find anything ill post and let you know
  5. Sorry mine are the 7500k i only did it from memory, not very good imho i would get the 8500 as there is a slight color difference when you switch from the daylights to the main lights in the dark but its not enough for me to conplain about
  6. in the bluetooth settings there is an option you can turn on and off on your phone (once connected to the head unit) this will allow you to have the text alerts come to the head unit but with an iphone you cant reply using the head unit like you can on an android phone hope this helps!
  7. you can get a 31mm LED festoon from ebay, have not got one yet but i did change my number plate lights, work a treat, and my car doesnt have footwell lights, i am planning on putting some in and linking them from the interior light so they dim with the interior light? anyone know if that would work??
  8. ok so trying to take pictures showing the light difference but its not happening, im waiting to get my DSLR back to try and take some pics with that (fingers crossed it works) hopefully have some soon!
  9. no problems at all, my car is the 2015 yaris sport with the projection headlights, the bulbs are HIR2 fitment, just unplug the old ones and in with the new, direct replacement!
  10. if you have an iphone it will read out your text messages but you cant use the reply function, when its connected to the car bluetooth, go to your bluetooth settings, select the toyota touch and turn on the option thats turned off, cant remember what its called but there is one there to do it, other than that, if you dont have the sat nav (i didnt get it either as i use googe maps on my phone) there isnt a lot iv found. the touch and go 2 (the one with the sat nav) has internet tethering options as there are facebook apps etc apparently hope this helps and it would be nice to know of other things these can do, it does seem like a waste of tech
  11. i replaced my headlamps with these: look alot better than the stock ones, i only bought the diamond white instead of the platinum white, ill get some pictures to put up