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  1. Hi, guys I have a 2017 Toyota Avensis 1.8 Petrol. the Sat Nav screen is playing up, it's unresponsive in certain areas of the touch screen. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  2. Hi guys, I have decided to sell my 2000 W Reg Toyota Corolla 1.9 GS Diesel Estate. I was wondering as its a pretty rare car where is the best place to advertise this? Low mileage for the age, has 12 Months mot pretty clean... Etc etc I would like to sell it privately, but just want to avoid all the 'whats your best prive bruv' '£320 Cash innit' types. Just had loads of these selling my Avensis, which i managed to sell locally just yesterday... Thanks guys hope I'm not breaking any rules :-)
  3. I have a 2000 W Reg Toyota Corolla GS Diesel Estate. It has the 1WZ engine which I beleive is borrowed from Peugeot. The car has done 107,500 miles. Fresh mot on it aswell, just a shame I'll be leaving the Toyota Brand... Also got rid of my Avensis Just yesterday!
  4. Happy Birthday Slimotorious!

  5. Slimotorious

    My Toyota's

    Here are a few Pictures of my Current 1999 Avensis 1.8 GLS Saloon & 2000 Corolla 1.9D Estate. Will add previous family owned Toyota's if I can find the pictures. Hope you like them :-)
  6. Yes just to confirm it is the 1WZ engine from PSA. Should be good for Galactic mileages if cared for. Mine has a low 101k. Will be getting in serviced sometime this week or next. Enjoying well actually loving the economy! One happy owner here :-)
  7. Just a quick update I'm now the new owner of the car and can confirm it has the 1WZ PSA engine as the code it on the engine. Thanks guys
  8. Hi Guys I have recently purchased a 2000 W Reg Toyota Corolla 1.9D Estate. As a 22 y/o comimg from a 1999 Toyota Avensis GLS Saloon I am loving the increased economy! I beleive this is the Peugeot engine in this car. What I wanted to ask as I have never seen one for sale before or even now what are these actually worth? Are they worth more than the 2.0D engine in the same era Corolla's? Also which is the better car in terms of reliability, performance & economy. All help will be appreciated. If only it was a Saloon/Hatchback for that extra wow factor. Thanks Guys! Looking forward for info
  9. Hey fellas, my fathers friend has recently purchased a 2000 1.9D Corolla Estate. Think its Naturally Aspirated, just wondered has anyone had any experience of them or any information as theres not much info about these on the internet. Thanks guys hope to hear from you soon!!
  10. Hi guys I'm a fairly new driver & have one of these beauties as my first car. It is a GLS spec & is the more desirable to me saloon. I was wondering how much oil would I need to put into the car after I have given it a full service. This is to aid me buy the right amount come service time. Thanks Also would the 10W40 grade oil be right for this the car has 143k on the clock
  11. To be honest I want to sell it to a breaker. Because the engine & gearbox is working fine. Or scrap it if it generates no interest.
  12. Will Mk1 Toyota Avensis Seat from a CDX hatchback fit a Saloon of the same era ?? Thanks
  13. Hi, Ive got a Toyota Avensis 2000 Reg CDX It was attacked by acid so some panels are rusted. One side of the car is fine. Now the engine is Immaculate. We have just taken out the Lamda Sensor, & Alternator Possibly the Spark Plugs. Also the Radiators gone. These were used on our other Avensis. Now their is no Interior, Speedometer & se will be keeping the wheels. Now the question is what can I get for The part engine, gearbox etc. it was a fairly low mileage car with only 90,000 miles on the clock. Never been used as a taxi etc. The 1st owner was a nurse Before we scrap it what would one pay for these parts? Its parked in bradford. The only reason why i Posted this is because the engine & box will seem a waste to scrap. Its metallic blue & hatchback. Got no front headlights or grill. The undamaged parts are basically the whole passenger side. It still has the windows, wing mirrors, window regulators present. What would one offer me for this? If one does know of anyone give me a call 07514795209
  14. As you know i have a 1999 Toyota Avensis. Yesterday the Air Con stopped Working, the sunroof stopped working and the window dont work either and now the speedo doesn't work either. Now where are the fuse boxes located as I have tried all 3 place and changed some fuses still no luck. Can you help please?
  15. Thank you fellas ;) already proving to be a great community :)
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