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  1. I read that 0W20 improves your mpg by 2%. Does anyone else use this instead of 5W30? Plus I've used Mobil 1 0W40 for 6 years on my 98 E320 and the engine looks pristine clean at 150k. Would the same effect apply to Mobil 1 0W20? My 2010 Rav4 is only at 30k miles right now so I don't know the real effect yet.
  2. So did you check out your MAF and SCV? I know the MAF is very easy to replace. Not sure why a 120k miles rav4 needs it replaced though. My 98 E320 never had it replaced and it is at 150k miles now, still running.
  3. Yeah also use a VIN decoder website to see what parts your car actually have. The crankshaft sensor is probably listed under Engine category.
  4. I don't know if your car has a CPS or not but my 2010 Rav4 has a crankshaft sensor. It probably looks like a tiny L shape upside down that hooks directly into the engine. Google your car model and see if it uses that. I google the car listed under your profile 2002 3 DOOR Rav4 D4D ' NRG' and many threads in this forum says check the MAF and SCV to make sure they are alive. I know the MAF is cheap but have no idea what is a SCV. Not sure why a MAF is needed to crank the car because usually it is meant for air conditioning related stuff (I could be wrong). This is what a CPS look like on my U.S
  5. This sounds exactly like the problem on my 98 E320 last week. I replaced the crankshaft position sensor and the car worked again. Members of the mercedes forum told me that the crankshaft position sensor sends signal to the computer to start pumping fuel to move the car. If the sensor is faulty, it will stop sending fuel, which probably was why your car stops. Then if you stop the car for a few mins or hours, the sensor cools down and it works again. Have you replaced your CPS yet? It only costs few bucks. If you try to star the car and the car cranks but never starts then it can only mean a
  6. Hey guys I know this is a great questions for UK people because Continental is a german company. Has anyone bought Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology for their 2010 rav4? I do not care much about mpg if I will just lose 1-2 mpg only. I care more about strong resistance with the road surface, especially when driving in rain and ice. I've used Continental Extreme Contact on my 98 E320 and they were godly. Braking was simply breath taking fast. These OEM tires have practically like no resistance. I have to brake like 20 feet from far away or I'll slam into somebody.
  7. What rav4 model do you have? My tips for improving your car mpg is to - never drive with a full tank. I always drive with only 3 gallon of gas. I drive 40 miles a day and so it makes no sense to carry 15 gallon of gas on any given work day. - make sure your tires are inflated. The tire pump only costs like $20 so I won't take chances driving under-inflated tires. - use synthetic oil only - make sure all your fluids are at recommended range - change engine air filter to performance I usually get 27-30 mpg driving in 50/50 traffic/highway everyday. But also i drive only 60-70 mph and accelerat
  8. What's wrong with your Rav4 anyway? How many miles on it and what maintenance have you done on it? I don't live in UK but if I assume you are driving from Essex to Cumbria, it will be only 300 miles ish. Unless your rav4 is in terrible shape, you will have nothing to worry about for such a short trip. Don't know how car rental fees are like in UK but do they charge you extra car insurance per day or per trip? My recommendation is to wager between the cost to replenish your car vs the cost for the rental, but most importantly your happiness, then make a decision.
  9. So my 2010 Rav4 has 30k miles on it. I have not open up the wheels to look at the brakes yet, I will do this Saturday. What I've noticed for a week now is that when braking in the morning, my brakes make noises like when you drive your car over a bunch of large empty paper boxes, not screeching noises. Is this because cold brakes on toyota make noises like that?
  10. Hey guys, i have a 2010 rav4 US version. According to google, my car has an electric steering system. Not sure if this is by design or not but the steering wheel is harder to turn than on my mom's 2007 Rav4. Do I have a steering wheel problem? I used to drive a 98 mercedes 320 and my steering on this 2010 rav4 is harder I say 50% more than on the benz. Thanks in advance.
  11. Welcome to the Toyota forums scatty :)

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