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  1. houston

    Ford Maverick

    sold the golf and took this in the deal, but my lass doesnt wanna drive it so im selling it 5 door 7 seater, glx lwb, 2.7 turbo diesel, 160,000 miles on the clock, only fault ive found is drivers electric window doesnt work, but anyone whos ever owned a nissan will tell you that the window regulators are a common fault. lovely to drive, had a clutch just under a year ago, has a timing chain so no worry of it snapping! lots of reciepts and history. gets me 30mpg and thats driving round the town! taxed till end of jan but will have a full 12 month mot when i sell it, just need to wait for the log book comin back. want 1300 quid for a cheap quick sale! or swap, p/x for a small cheap car. but its a swap at the bosses discretion seein as she'll do most of the driving cant think of owt else worth mentioning me, but ask me any questions and i'll do my best to answer!
  2. all stole.......er BORROWED from another forum!
  3. 10 percent of blondes have smart genes inside them at one point, the other 90 percent spit it out!
  4. 100 pound cos they need refurbished
  5. might be better if id remembered to attatch a pic
  6. i bought these alloys to go on my golf but didnt know golf gtis are 5 stud (my cars 4 stud) so there no good to me, the pcd is 5x100 and the offset is 35. youll need to buy new spigot rings as the ones fited are for a golf but you can get these on ebay for under 20 quid, tried them on my brothers celica and they fitted but he doesnt want 18s on his car cos he likes the standard look there not in good condition as hes had them in his garage for a long time, but they arent buckled or anything severe though, i was gonna refurb them myself and stick them on ebay, i got as far as stripping down one alloy, but i havent the time or the space to finish now, 1 legal tyre and the rest need replacing, open to offers, i live in south shields, about 10 mile from newcastle
  7. under acceleration weight moves to the rear of the car causing less grip on the front wheels causing less power transfer and slower acceleration, under braking all the weight at the fron will cause the car to nosedive and cause slower decelleration, torque steer also ruins your more directionality theory, but i'll agree there definately more safe rwd is actaully more fuel efficient, just think next time your moving a chair, is it easier to pull it or push it? same principle in cars, but yeah less space waste but its space under the car that you dont need anyway fwd are are good for daily drivers but if you want a sports car the its got to be 4 or rear wheel drive, everyone always goes on about how rwd cars are more dangerous round corners but a fwd car has understeer at slower speeds than a rwd car has traction issues, its mostly driver error thinkin they can just plant the throttle mid corner, i never had any trouble with my mr2 and even driving it in snow i had no issues, yet my calibra sacred the livi9ng daylights out me at every corner, just didnt want to turn, and that was with non standard slip diff fitted!!!
  8. houston

    Need Help

    joined e1 and tc together which brought up no codes, then tried joining e1, tc and ts to try and get a speed sensor code. ive done the code thing on my old mr2 and it worked, just not for this car, could it be an abs ecu fault?
  9. houston

    Need Help

    my brothers bought a 1990 gen 5 celica gt, but the abs light is on, ive tried to do the codes trick but the light comes on then goes off then comes on constant, giving no codes or even a 'no codes' code, even tried the one where you link 3 of the connectors to find a speed sensor proble, the light flashes 5 times, ok, then just stays on constant for the 2nd part of the code. help?
  10. to hell with bikes, i tried riding to work once, it rained, some b**** drove through a puddle and soaked me, i fell off and landed in mud, got a flat tyre and had to walk 2 mile, then when i got to work wouldnt you know it the sun came out! i'll stick to the pies thanks, i might not be fit but im dry and happy!
  11. just got his new job and already has a god complex! can tell if your being serious or havin a wind up here that better? and yeah moffmo, yours is cool.
  12. oops, sorry i didnt see that thread, its doin the rounds at work and ive yet to see someone dislike it (except the women but theyve no sense of humour)
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