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  1. I've a 2012 rav 4 2AD with 33,429 miles. It has used 1.5 litres of oil in 3923 miles since last oil service @ RRG Huddersfield. This I thought was high so went along to Vantage Toyota @ Wakefield. On speaking to the service desk was told that Toyota had told them 1 litre - 1000 miles was acceptable. The chap did say they had pointed out to Toyota that for the uneducated among us there was the possibility it would run dry between the 12 monthly services. My last rav an 06 plate 2 AD didn't use a drop as such between services, what gives and what's the forum thoughts on this?
  2. Owners club online shop. Red Toyota logo beanie hat £14.99. Same hat on Toyota uk website £8.50! Are we being ripped off?

  3. Hi chaps only me again. Rang Adrian flux yesterday about the omission of my policy on motor insurance data base. Spoke to 2 pin heads who didn't seem to see the problem as she said "it can take 5 days". My answer to that was Motor insurance bureau who administers MID says if your policy doesn't appear contact your insurance IMMEADIATLY . In another section of their page it says details can be sorted in hours and not as the pin heads said days. However my gripe with Adrian Flux is this system has been in place since 2003 and in those 11 years no other insurance company has let me down like this
  4. Hi chaps. Thought I'd share my pain ref' Adrian Flux. Just starting my second year with Adrian Flux so received Certificate on Friday 12th Dec', premium £315 was taken from bank on Monday 15th Dec' and my renewal was 17th Dec @ 00:00 hours. So we had the Cert' they had their money so all should of been well. Imagine my surprise when this morning Sun 21st Dec I was followed into a retail park in Halifax by a Police BMW X5 who preceded to block me off when I'd pulled into a space. Flashed his headlights at me and beckoned me over. Told me to take a seat in the rear which left all the other shop
  5. Lindops economy chip box is excellent. Makes the RAV pick up a lot faster but it's not a sports car. Also pulls like a train up the huge hills we have round here. Many thanks Kingo for reproggramme, new cable and a load of patience.

  6. Want to post a personal thank you to Kingo

  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums steviebe 65 :)

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