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  1. autoglym deep shine polish or srp then deep gloss finish then a couple of coats of wax im using turtlewax ice paste at the minute its canny good like and a decent price
  2. 2 monkeys in a bath and the first monkey goes 'ooooooaaaaaahhhhhhhhh' and the second monkey goes 'well put some cold in'
  3. if its a low level or low pressure id be more worried but it sounds like a oil service warning
  4. glass cleaner then micro fibre cloth mate
  5. bg244 ordered off amazon, to be fair the rav runs like a dream well maintained so maybe going a few extra mile to fill up with some quality loopy juice shouldnt be the chore i make it out to be cheers guys
  6. i try to add premium stuff when i can but shell and bp garages are out of town but there is an asda,morrisons,tesco,sainsburys and a lidel which sells rather nice raindeer steaks so supermarket fuel is handy and accessable
  7. my mate at work does says no rubbing and the ride is better, but will it alter how accurate the speedo reads ??? if that matters
  8. As a new diesel owner i was wondering what people thought about diesel additive such as redex etc, a long-term diesel owner was telling me about the dirty low quality supermarket fuels and recommend adding additive every now and again. As there are several supermarket filling stations in my locality i use them quite often but if i pass a bp garage i will fill up on super diesel will this keep the engine clean??? should i go out my way to fill up on good stuff or will a bottle of red ex be sufficient?
  9. even for a dealer its about 2k over priced , if your that worried about a 06 07 plate rav dont buy one the worry you will have takes the fun out of owning one buy a petrol one and enjoy it mate
  10. the thing is simon you can ask anyone about any car and you will get a horror story , ive had a vectra and a mg zr(dont ask why) from new and apart from brakes and exhausts WITH regular services ive had no problems with a so called poor unreliable cars you take a chance but a regular serviced well looked after car is worth a punt ,in my opinion
  11. Clutch and dual mass flywheel failures common when towing because 1st and 2nd gears are not low enough to take off without some slip. Eolys fluid reservoir bag for DPF regenerating is mounted close to and level with the rear wishbone where it is unprotected and extremely vulnerable to road debris and twigs and rocks while off roading. seems a decent car otherwise a friend had one but changed it for a ssaynong rexton as his caravan buddies recommend it as the ultimate caravan puller
  12. i live in durham ill check it out for a fee
  13. i want a three door now
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