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  1. Hi, thought I would properly introduce myself, my names Sophia and I have just recently bought this gorgeous gen7 Toyota Celica. Currently it has 97k on the clock and I paid 2700 for it with fsh and lots of receipts for work that has been done. Only downside was that the spare key was misplaced by the previous owner so I only have 1 key for it. I have a good few plans for this including a body kit, exhaust system and new alloy wheels. I will create a thread in the Celica section so all can see what I am up to with it.
  2. of course. it would be useful to use as a gps though and having the big screen looks very modern. just stuck on which to buy, very confusing there is many about but cant tell which would fit and which would not.
  3. Hi guys i want a dvd/gps big screen in my gen 7 celica to fit instead of the original stereo. can anyone suggest some which will be ok for the celica? i found a lot for the corolla and very limited options for the celica.... here are some ive looked at. i cannot find any decent jvc/alpine/kenwood sorts. this says it fits the celica... but i think the dimensions are wrong as im aware the celica stereo is 200x100mm.. so im not sure if this will fit with the extra 2 or 3 mm.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6-2-Toyota-Corolla-VIOS-CROWN-PRADO-RAV4-Car-DVD-GPS-Radio-Player-2-Din-Stereo-/181335688595?pt=
  4. Hi guys i am back again. Still on the search for a toyota celica whether it be mk6 or mk7. Would prefer mk7 but very hard to find a vvtli model which i like. I've seen a very nice mk6 for sale near me which may be a bit high asking price, what do you guys think? Also what do i have to look out for with the mk6 models? I know that the vvt-i's pre facelifts suffered oil problems, and that the vvtli's were generally better engines as they are used in lotus's. Don't know much about the ss3 beams model, and what is their standard bhp compared to the vvt-i (140) and vvtli with lift (190)? Heres the
  5. i have some hankook v12 205/45/17's on my mg zr and i must say, they are brilliant, the grip is great and a smooth quiet drive. they cost me around £360 so a budget around the 300-350 mark should be ok for some good tyres, i would also steer clear of budget tyres! no grip on them if you need to stop quickly and no comfort but i guess that is why they are cheap!
  6. not my car unfortunately :( my dream car haha! havent got myself a celi yet, still with an mg zr! but i am keeping em peeled for a good'un to pop up! i think the wheels are grey or shadow chrome with a silver lip in the pic :)
  7. nice work, very nice celi u got there :-)
  8. i think these would look lovely on a celica also :) just some options for you! maybe look on ebay or your local alloy shop
  9. have you seen the wolfrace ones which look exactly like the toyota originals style? they look pretty cool! just an idea for you :) im not sure what sizes they come in
  10. oh i see :) thank you
  11. ok thanks, what are the tyre sizes recommended for the celica gen 7 does anyone know?
  12. Whats the standard size for wheels and tyres on the celicas? Wondering if it would be possible to swap over my tyres from my Mg Zr onto a new celica when i get one (if i find a decent one at this rate). My tyre size is 205/45/17
  13. i looked at this http://www.celica-club.co.uk/forum/index.php?/garage/vehicle/521-toyota-celica-zzt231/ but cant find any contact details :/ am i in the right section lol
  14. it does sound suspicious yeah.. think i will just leave it to be honest. after all i want the 190 ideally :P thanks i had a look yesterday but didnt register so maybe thats why i couldnt view all information
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