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  1. poolplayer


    Great thank's for replies I'm moving on from my 13 plate invincible. (With sunroof). Never driven a 2.0 two wheel drive one so might look for a late low miles 65 plate and keep the 2.2 going for a few more years.
  2. poolplayer


    Thank's just cant seem to find them I see them a better alloy than them on Excel
  3. poolplayer


    Hi all does anyone know the name of these wheels cant seem to find them on options list are they with 2016 or 2017 plates only
  4. Yes this is my 4th now will keep this for 2 years and look for a late 65 plate then and after that who knows as they got rid of the 2.2 and fwd unless i opt for a hybrid
  5. Nice one didn't know that either
  6. Thank's Dave its just never had it for first 3 weeks of owning and then it appeared every morning for last few days .I'll try to ignore it now
  7. poolplayer

    Rav temp

    Hi this symbol has been coming on from start up to about 4 miles for last few days never use to any ideas Thanks
  8. Nice pics up soon then
  9. Hi Bill sounds a good price I think a lot depends on the colour as well .Mine was pearl white first offer of part x was £9750 had to walk away but got a good deal in the end
  10. Hi Bill if its in a Toyota garage your looking at anything between £12,000/£14,000 Private will be less but 5 year warranty will be coming to an end. Just part x mine 61 plate xtr 51,000mls full Toyota service Had £10,800 part x and up at Toyota now for £12500
  11. Might be the one to change up or down gears
  12. Thanks for advice still thinking about it here are all my previous ravs start to finish
  13. Think it needs black wheels anyone else done this
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