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  1. Is there rear speakers in the new toyota auris I tried the fader on the radio from front to back and there was no sound from the back, if you look at the rear doors they both have speaker grills I find this strange.
  2. fullbeam

    New Auris

    Yes I like things to look right myself apart from this minor annoyance I do really like the car.
  3. fullbeam

    New Auris

    Aye it could be a sensor but why leave the other side empty they could have fitted a dummy one,that's better than just a hole it just looks as they couldn't be bothered.
  4. fullbeam

    New Auris

    Hi I have a new Auris active I have noticed that on the top of the dashboard at the side of the windscreen air vent there is a small round insert ( don't know what it's called) just decorative, but on the other side where you would expect to find the same insert its just a hole. I went back to the dealer thinking that it had just been lost maybe when the car was getting cleaned but they showed me every 2013 Auris that they had the whole range and every one of them was the same it just looks unfinished.Has anyone else noticed this, I just find it strange.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome
  6. Hi oz fullbeam here the thanks for the warm welcome
  7. Hi my name is stuart just bought a 13 plate auris my first brand new car very happy man
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums fullbeam :)

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