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  1. Okay, so Halfords have told me they'll charge between £70 and £90 for a replacement set of wipers for my '59 Prius and suggested I go to ebay. But the wipers on ebay are the same as halfords stock and apparently they aren't the correct ones - sigh. So, anyone here know where I can get a pair of front wipers that will fit? Cheers all.
  2. We've had our 2009 Gen III for two weeks and no dash rattles. Seems pretty solid to me. You do tend to notice every little brr, pip, beep, click as when it's running in EV mode everything seems louder as there's no engine noise but they're hardly worth mentioning really. We have two toddlers and the car fits us, them and pushchair with ease. The kids love it.
  3. Hi, We picked up our 2009 Gen III Prius at the weekend and all is well apart from the state of the paintwork. On initially seeing the car the first thing we noticed was the number of scratches on various door panels, the roof, bumpers. Scuffs behind the door handles and some sort of mottling on the bonnet. Now, we said to them that we'd have the car subject to the scratches being sorted. Paid the deposit. Job done. So when we collected it we thought it would be all rectified. Not so. The scratches above the doorframe were done, but scuffs on the roof, behind the door handles, scratches on th
  4. I find it hard to believe they'd drop the HUD and change the dash so drastically. The car has sold well, so why dramaticly alter it? Surely one of it's key selling points is the advanced technology; I'd be incredibly surprised if they made these changes.
  5. Looks promising but like you, I don't like the standard dials. If I wanted standard I'd buy er a standard car ;)
  6. Thank you all for your replies. As mine is an 09 I need to prepare I think; so I'll be getting one of those battery charger/air compressor thingies. The car comes with AA / Toyota Club, so in an emergency I'll have some help on hand.
  7. What are the symptoms of a dying 12v battery?
  8. Well, I don't think I'll be turning up at the local boy-racers hang out in my Prius any time soon ;) I'll turn off the boot light and just make sure to leave nothing on that shouldn't be. (I've even heard the keyless entry system can run the battery flat as it actively 'looks' for 'key's if any pass by. Things like that, I guess, had me concerned.
  9. I've been doing a lot of research and will be picking up my Gen 3 next week, but whilst doing my research I've come across a lot of people saying they've inadvertently run their 12v battery flat leading to all sorts of difficulties. Can anyone suggest some sort of charger just in case I do manage to run it flat and do you have any advice for a newbie?
  10. Yeah, I've just emailed the dealer to see if they can supply the VIN to enter on that site before I purchase. Better safe than sorry.
  11. Congrats on your new purchase; let us know how you get on over the next few weeks. Was this the link? http://www.toyota.co.uk/cgi-bin/toyota/bv/frame_start.jsp?id=Owners-Info-Recall I tried it but says it can't find my car; weird. As I'm buying from a Toyota dealer I'm not too concerned.
  12. Would you say it was worth £150? (or worst case £200)
  13. Hi all, I'm just going through the process of buying a Prius and the dealer has offered G3 Glasscoat for £200 (I think I can get it for £150). I've done some research and there seem to be some conflicting views out there so I wanted your opinions. Apparently G3 isn't a polish, it's not a wax either, it bonds with the paintwork and cannot be washed off. I've read a lot of posts on other forums saying it's no better than this wax or that polish, but in my mind surely it must be if it can't actually be washed off. Whereas most waxes/polishes will wash off? I just wondered if anyone out there had
  14. Hi, I'm in the process of buying a Gen 3 09 too. Should have it by the end of May. There was a recall for the Gen 3 prior to 2010 but if you're buying from Toyota it 'should' be rectified before it leaves the dealer - so says my sales lady! ;) Be interested to see what you think of yours as we're buying at the same time :) Test drove ours at the weekend and it drove very well, no dash rattle at all. Coming from a BMW X3 I was very impressed with the Prius.
  15. Welcome to the Toyota forums Phlipper :)

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