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  1. A simple but irritating problem.I need to remove the little filter from the master cylinder reservoir to enable me suck up some of the old Brake fluid and replace with new fluid,as i'm renewing the fluid after maybe 4 years of being in the system.Partial removal of the old oil helps make the job quicker and also uses less new fluid.So ?how do we get the little blighter out.Cheers.
  2. Ok Paul i bought my Eicher pads from CP4L.and the squealing is terrible,the sliders are moving freely and the channels are nicely clear of gunk. This is the first time i have used this brand from CP4L ,and this will be the last time i buy from CP4L they are rubbish.,they sell substandard parts imo.
  3. ?Anyone else bought Eicher brake pads and found that they have the dreaded brake squeal.
  4. What do you mean i started this whole issue ,do you work for carparts4less.There is no getting away from the fact that they supplied me with the incorrect spec parts,which were purchased in good faith.I have no reason at all to blame the mechanic who fitted them,and in anycase how the hell can they be checked for sizing unless they can be compared with a VW genuine part at the time.You Are entitled to an opinion,but that's all it is an opinion,but i would appreciate it if you kept your patronising remarks to yourself.
  5. Yes Nick thanks for the reply,i will be writing a letter to their customer services manager if i can find out who it is,if no joy then it will be small claims CC
  6. Right here's an update,This is the the email i sent to Carparts4less a couple of weeks ago.. After purchasing two suspension arms (both left and right) for my Toyota Avensis with part numbers 615820289 and 615820299, it has come to light after having been fitted by my mechanic that the parts in question are sized incorrectly. This has resulted in my car needing extra work as a result of the incorrect sizing. The sizing has been compared to genuine Toyota parts (part numbers 48068-05070 RH and 48069-05070 LH) and they are 10mm shorter where the bottom ball joint fits onto the wishbone part. As you can imagine this doesn't seem a lot but it is enough to cause problems with handling because of incorrect wheel alignment, to the point where the mechanic had to replace the two front Drive Shafts because of the rattling and general awful and dangerous handling caused by the wrong size parts supplied. Because of the Inconvenience and extra costs involved in rectifying the problem caused by the parts being the wrong size, I would respectfully hope that I could be reimbursed at least the cost of the aforementioned parts in light of the extra costs falling on myself, with the parts having to be changed twice (once with your parts,and again with alternative parts which turned out to be the correct ones). I will point out that i have used Carparts4less on numerous occasions before and i have been very pleased with the parts and service supplied. I hope that the matter can be concluded in an agreeable manner, and I do appreciate that problems can and do occur sometimes. And this is their reply... Charlotte (Car Parts 4 Less) Apr 26, 12:44 BST Good afternoon, Thank you for your recent enquiry. I am sorry as the parts have been fitted and upon investigation i can see were not the correct parts we are unable to accept the parts as a return for a refund. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused Charlotte. A Customer Service Advisor Car Parts 4 Less Support ?What kind of recourse do i have with this company bearing in mind as a result of them sending me the wrong parts which they now admit to,and it costing me some £600 and odd to put right as opposed to £200. You would have thought that they would at least offer a token gesture,but it seems like they have washed their hands on the matter ,which to mind is not good for customer relations.
  7. OK All is now well with the car,but the problem was caused by incorrectly sized parts from a well known online retailer i won't name at the moment because i have an ongoing dispute with them regarding the problems i have had caused by them .If i get no jot from this company in respect of some kind of compensation then i'll name n shame,as a job that should have cost me £150 at the most as cost me £670 because of there crap parts. If anyones car fails on the wishbones being corroded then message me and i'll tell you where not to buy them from .
  8. This is getting to be like a horror story now.. I have had the two drive shafts replaced by a different garage ,so went to collect it this morning.I asked the mechanic if he had reset the steering alignment and he said he couldn't do it accurately has he hadn't got the right gear,so i took it to another local Garage who has the correct gear to set it up.Anyway to me horror he said he couldn't adjust the tracking because there was not enough on the thread to adjust it and it is way out.So he asked his mate what he thought and he says that he thinks the WRONG wishbones have been fitted.So here i am trying to recheck with CP4L but tere customer service desk is closed on Saturdays. ???Does Anyone have the Toyota part number for mine ,it's an Avensis Estate 2.0 d4d ,1CD FTV engine Estate version March 06 plate. These are the parts that have already been fitted form Cp4less.@ £53.67 each for right and left side https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/suspension-arm-and-suspension-joints
  9. Ok heres the story with the car. It failed its mot a coupleweeks ago on account of both wishbones being corroded. So asked the garage who i wont name to swap them out which they did. The guy who did the work said the tracking would need doing at the earliest opportunity so it was booked in for this Saturday just gone,but it never made it for reasons already mentioned. The mechanic claims that i should not have run the car for a week but i needed it for work commute as not on a bus route. So now im left with a car i cant drive??? What would be a reasonable price to pay to fit two new driveshafts to a 2.0 d4d 1cd ftv engine estate.
  10. Thanks for the input.Earlier on i jacked the car up and placed on axle stands,put the car in second gear and started the car and i realise now what he has done.I Think it's something to do with the tracking being out,the mec said he put the tracking back to how it was,but thinking about it now there was a mild screeching noise when cornering to the right. Could the tracking be out that much that it would cause this failure over a week of driving 40 miles or so.
  11. I'm inclined to believe that the guy who ended up doing the job of changing the wishbones has done something which has led to this failure...?what could have caused this.Basically he his saying that it was fine after he had done the job which was only last weekend,i did notice a little squeaky grindy type of noise last week driving to work,but i thought it was the new wishbones bedding in a little,this could get messy.
  12. Can someone confirm that that the track rod is fitted the correct way up, the mechanic who did my wishbones has refitted them this way up and i was wondering if this has cause the driveshaft problem, they go in from the top? Is that right
  13. Or this part ,it looks to be part of it..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Genuine-FEBEST-Driveshaft-Tripod-Hub-2716-S80T-Top-German-Quality/401556865546?hash=item5d7ea7820a