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  1. So Louie, effectively you are having problems with warm starts after a long run,there happens to be a well known fault with the starter motors on the cars around your year (2005) is that correct.The fault is caused by the starter motor being exceptionally close to the engine block which causes heat build inside the starter motor which in turn leads to the starter motor failing until it cools down again.The starter motor needs to be removed ,and it needs to then be cleaned with brake cleaner inside the motor and around the brush box to remove all the old carbon dust which builds up over time. a
  2. Thanks Stephen,where is the hole mate?
  3. Might be a silly question but does anyone know where the rod actually connects to behind the back of the battery?,was in a rush to replace the battery and made a school boy error in not taking any photos and its got me stumped earlier.IT's the rod with part number 74413 from a Corolla but it looks the same
  4. I bought two new front tyres a couple of weeks ago and of late i have been getting a low pitched rumbling coming from the front end which is the only way i could describe the noise.It is most noticeable from 40 mph up to about 60 ish.Its starting to get on my nerves now?anyone got any ideas or had the same problem?could it be coming from the front wheel bearings.
  5. Jack the car up and place on axle stand,grasp the top of the tyre with one hand and then grasp the bottom of the tyre in a similar manner.Try to rock the tyre up and down,if there is excessive play or a knocking noise then the bearing is goosed,Time to replace. That's assuming the tyre has been correctly inflated.
  6. Yes it is strange John,everything appears to have gone back to normal for now. weird.
  7. Get it aligned professionally Richard ,you will never get it right doing it yourself.Go to a place that has a Hunter Alignment machine /computer. They are the most accurate.... https://www.alignmycar.co.uk/
  8. I think the Gremlins have stuck. Im after some help or advice.About a week ago the temperature gauge decided it didn't want to move,even though the engine was hot and fully warmed up. Couple of days after that the glow plug light on the dash disappeared. And now the fuel computer has stopped working. Any help or advice appreciated.
  9. That was the pipe that failed on mine,on the M1 in third lane,luckily i was in heavyish traffic at the time or it could have been fatal,anyone who hasn't checked their brake pipes in this area i would suggest you get it done.
  10. I have the locking micro switch gone on my key fob and i only have the one key,where did you source the new micro switch from if i may ask.
  11. ?What is the make of Pads and Discs that you have had fitted. Some makes are more prone to squealing due to the brake compound hardness on the pads.
  12. My car is a 2006 1CD FTV 2.0 d4d engine and mine was just plug and play that's it,?which engine does yours have.
  13. If it was me i'd be looking on Ebay for a steering wheel with a cruise switch fitted.This is what i did and mine works a treat.Search for the Cruise thread on here .There's one here for 45 notes,just swap the air bag onto this and you're good to go. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-AVENSIS-MK2-T25-D-4D-STEERING-WHEEL-2008/202765395469?hash=item2f35c2660d:g:FhUAAOSwxMhdZNRm
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