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  1. Hi Konrad,Yes the Engine is the 1CDFTV with 5 gears. Thanks for reply.
  2. Could it be that the slave cylinder on the clutch needs bleeding.
  3. It should be ok although i assume that it is the original oil filled at the point of manufacture,i have had the car for nearly 10 years
  4. Whist driving back from my week long break in Sunny Devon on the A30,which has a lot of inclines and declines if your familiar with this road.Anyway with the car in 5 th gear, it seemed to be struggling a little going up some of the steeper longer inclines,so i would go into 4 th gear on the climb changing back to 5th after picking up speed,the problem i was getting was after changing back to 5th the car momentarily was revving a lot higher but not picking up speed as quick as it used to. So question is ....Is my clutch on its way out Car Is a 2006 2.0D4D with 91,000miles covered,
  5. Thank you for all replies on this ,the car now is back to normal after fitting a new Thermostat ,and back flushing the the Heater Core.
  6. Hi Tony,I wouldn't have thought it was the water pump as it isn't losing any coolant,but i maybe wrong,i did the old test of feeling the bottom hose as the car is warming on my drive and it did get hot so at that point i thought it wasn't the water pump,but after picking the wife up from work a round journey of 8 miles with the heater blowing cold,and the temp gauge reading half way as it normally does.When i got home i felt the bottom hose which was cold ,so this has to be an intermittently faulty Thermostat Right .would you agree
  7. 2006 Avensis Estate T25 2.0d4d. 83,000 miles. This happened today ,the cars heater started to blow cold air but the temp gauge was showing normal,only to start to overheat after a few minutes. ?Any one know what might be the cause.
  8. Had this car now for nearly 9 years with nothing major so overall very happy with it. I have a small leak somewhere from the roof of the car and it drips down onto the the cover and leaves unsightly water marks, ?Anyone else had this and was it remedied, the car is a 06 plate Estate 2.0 l d4d .
  9. Thank You Greg ,i'll have a look.
  10. 84,950 miles .My steering appears to be getting slightly harder to turn ?Anyone had /got this problem.If so did you change the pump?and if you did was the stiffness cured .bu doing so.
  11. A quick up date for you,i have changed BOTH front wheel bearings today,and the car has really quietened down immensely,if anyone needs a quick rundown give me shout.
  12. So Louie, effectively you are having problems with warm starts after a long run,there happens to be a well known fault with the starter motors on the cars around your year (2005) is that correct.The fault is caused by the starter motor being exceptionally close to the engine block which causes heat build inside the starter motor which in turn leads to the starter motor failing until it cools down again.The starter motor needs to be removed ,and it needs to then be cleaned with brake cleaner inside the motor and around the brush box to remove all the old carbon dust which builds up over time. ans laso the commutator will need cleaning with sandpaper. The brushes themselves will need to be inspected and if worn extensively they will need to be changed.So its either get your old one reconditioned by an Auto Electrician or replace it with an already reconditioned one. I had the same thing happen with mine just a couple of weeks ago and i removed it and cleaned everything up and then put it back and now it as good as new.
  13. Thanks Stephen,where is the hole mate?
  14. Might be a silly question but does anyone know where the rod actually connects to behind the back of the battery?,was in a rush to replace the battery and made a school boy error in not taking any photos and its got me stumped earlier.IT's the rod with part number 74413 from a Corolla but it looks the same
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