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  1. i just extended it with a small bit of hose pipe with a jubliee clip
  2. There is a dimming function when the lights are on press the mode button until you get the dashes up then you press the other one to dim or brighten may be on its lowest setting.
  3. Id be interested in a toyota Jimny with a fuel efficient engine!
  4. Mine has 103K on the clock and its the most reliable car I've had i have it serviced every 10k, looking to replace but for what? Toyota we need a better small car the Aygo is just cheap and the Yaris isn't much better.
  5. This one caught my eye liked the leather but no satnav i couldn't cope with the standard cd radio for £7k i would expect them to sort out that wheel!
  6. I’ve got some slight damage on my tailgate, I have seen one on eBay for a fair price but was wondering if it was easy to swap and if it would cause a problem with the boot release I have a 3 so it has the keyless button on the boot. Thanks in advance.
  7. I also had this after a Toyota main dealer service and they told me it was due to the air filter housing not being fitted correctly.
  8. My 2009 iq3 has drums at the rear never understood why, makes no sense.
  9. I took the whole rear bench out and had some ply board on the bottom and behind the seats lot more boot space without them but i have now found i heed that occasional rear seat so its back in now.
  10. Yes that the pollen filter.
  11. Checked my wiper blades this morning as they started to get a bit noisy, turns out the drivers side was split. Called up Listers Toyota Cheltenham to order the new rubber inserts as it's cheaper than the hole item, was told they have 8 of the driver side only one of the passenger side. So made the 15 mile trip to Listers took my wipers off the car so they could fit them as they have done before, only for them to keep me waiting at the service desk and when they finally came back they told me that they had priced up for the metal wiper blades and the inserts could be ordered in for Wednesday, thats no good for me as I'm working so had a 30 miles round trip for nothing. However did pop in to halford they had some refills didn't think they would fit but at £9 for a pair I thought I'd give them ago. So far so good after a bit of fiddling I've fitted the driver side one, it sits higher on the screen but looking forward to the rain to test them out. The last set of blades lasted nearly 3 years 40,000, I'm sure the Halfords blades won't last that long.
  12. Excellent going, these prices are very cheap, is all the work done by yourself as two full service for £100 for two i'd be lucky to get a single oil change for that price.
  13. I tried the 1.0 before i bought my 1.33 manual to be honest i couldn't tell the difference on the two test drives i know the mpg is better on the 1.0 but i do quite a lot of motorway driving so i thought i go bigger and i haven't been let down although when it spot a hill it dose run out of puff unless you drop a couple of gear. I also tested the the 1.33 auto and wasn't impressed especially on hills and from what people are saying here the mpg is effected. I also went for one with the satnav couldn't coupe with the standard cd player.
  14. With the weather so mild at the moment I'm holding on a little longer to put mine on.