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  1. Hi Frost, Thanks. It seem the activity of members are as much than i expected. Even new topic views aren't increasing lol
  2. I am running on Toyo T1R 195/50/15, very comfortable and silent when high speed travelling. Love them. The local favorite would be : Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Michelin XM 2 Yokohama C-Drive 2 Continental CC5
  3. I have never seen anyone swapping 3S into Mark II, although their are good engines no doubt. But due to weight-power ratio, most owner around here would go for 1JZ-GTE instead.
  4. Hi there! Nice project! However i would as well suggest you not to forget about bushing. :D Not because that i am over drooling on SuperPro (Aus) bushings but they would really helps in firming up your chasis really than adding more bars around. Cheers
  5. Hi Seniors, I am new to TOC. It seem to be a great flow of knowledge for Toyota here, just started the journey with my ae111 since this March. My family used to own KE70 (4age 16v) and AE101 (4age 20v). The AE111 is my first car which afford by myself, and i continued the practice where 4age 20v is transplanted :D From Malaysia by the way. Looking forward for good discussion onward. Pictures will come a long soon Best regards, Kenneth
  6. Hi all, I am planning to change all bushings of my car in coming months. But before getting quotation, i need help identifying which are the set suitable. Please look at the attachment. Thanks in advance! Ops, forgot to mention that my corolla is ae111 year 1997. As per picture below : #Note picture are just random result from online. Do not have my own picture yet. Best regards, Ken
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums KenDiriwan :)