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  1. I purchased a new Auris 1.4 D4D and plugged in a USB stick to listen to some music, it was not detected, so I tried another one, still not detected , finally I tried a third one which worked with no problems, so it seems a bit hit and miss. On the motorway I generally engage 6th gear at 60mph, unless I want to overtake or go up a steep hill then I drop down to 5th gear. I am sure that some one on this forum stated the each gear represents 10MPH, so 5th gear at 50 and 6th gear at 60, and this seems OK unless you are going up a hill.
  2. I have a new Auris Excel and do notice wind noise over 55 MPH, so perhaps this is the de-facto for this car.
  3. I have the diesel excel, rather than the hybrid and on doing a brim to brim after a mixture of town and motorway driving I am getting 62 MPG. But I am not saving the planet.
  4. I have not been brave enough to try it out yet.
  5. No, according to the hand book it only supports parallel parking. I did try it out for reverse parking just after I got it, but it would not recognize the space to reverse into. Once you get used to using the reversing camera, it is very easy to reverse park, once you get used to not using the mirrors.
  6. I did think about waiting for the tourer, but as there are only two of us it did not seem worth the extra money.
  7. Yes the colour is Island blue.
  8. It is not the case that I have not plucked up the courage to try it out. My wife is disabled so I have nice wide parking spaces to go in and out of. I will try it out one day when there is not much traffic around, so if I mess it up no damage will be caused.
  9. It is certainly slower than my Volvo C30, but I have adapted to a more relaxed driving style because of this. I filled the tank up with diesel as the Toyota dealership gave me just enough fuel to get home with, after 5 weeks I filled up again and worked out the MPG I was getting, this included one 210 mile motorway trip and the rest just general driving and it came out at 61 MPG. Everything works with no problems and it is very comfortable on a long journey. The only thing I have not tried is the self parking as I really have no need for it, but the reversing camera save a childs life on th
  10. I cannot answer that question, the gearing of 5th and 6th gears are very high, so if you do a lot of mountainous terrian, you would probably only use up to fourth gear. The other day i went up a 1 in 5 hill and had to drop down to fourth gear but that had ample pull to get up the one mile hill, whereas 5th gear would not do it.
  11. I have just purchased a 2013 Auris 1.4D, it now has 258 miles on the clock. In town driving I am getting around 45 MPG and on the motorway it has climbed up to 68 MPG. For an engine that is nowhere near run in yet, I consider these excellent figures, the only thing I miss with the diesel is cruise control, but as I only do long journeys about 6 times a year I can live without that.
  12. trackrat

    New Auris

    Thanks for that information.
  13. trackrat

    New Auris

    I have a diesel Excel, and I thought that the dome on the right side of the windscreen vent had not been pushed down properly, but after pushing on the top of it , it will not move, and as you said it is disconcerting.
  14. I have a small filing cabinet and all the other relevant car documents and the spare key were in there own section, apart from the log book.
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