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  1. After replacing the car's battery, the information on the main dial (speedo) has changed It used to state the mileage obtainable with the current amount of fuel. That has been reset to useless information (for me). I have searched the owner's manual but can't see anything relevant to this. Does anyone know how I can set it to range information again?
  2. Does anyone know where I can find instructions to do this for the 2009 model? I have struggled trying to fit the replacement (l.e.d.) main beam bulbs without much success. If the light assembly removal is not very complicated I might have a better chance of fitting the bulbs.
  3. The dipped beam lights don't appear to have any adjustment. A pity; the nearside one is lower than the other. The main beams do. I can't identify them. Can anyone please tell me where they are?
  4. I replaced both main and dipped ones with l.e.ds. I have never been satisfied with the alignment despite the dealer saying they're ok. I had a look today to see how to access the alignment screws and discovered that the main beam ones were loose in their sockets, with quite a bit of play. Does anyone know why this is so and what may be done to fix it?
  5. Some months ago I replaced my headlamp bulbs with l.e.ds. Far superior to the originals. Rather expensive though. I bought them from Horizon Leds. Vis-a-vis front and rear fog light switching, I find normal sequence of front first and then rear is most irritating. I have never found front fogs to be much use. I usually find dipped headlights serve me better. On a previous car, a 2000-ish Mondeo, I changed the wiring behind the dash so that the rear fogs came on first. Can't be bothered to bugger about with the Yaris. Another thing I find irritating is that the first setting from Park on the transmission lever is Reverse, presumably because most drivers put their car nose-in when they park. Since the forward visibility in every vehicle I have ever driven is far better than the rear visibility, driving out of a parking space is far safer than reversing out.
  6. I was considering a C-HR as my next car, but sitting in one at the dealers I found the rear visibility to be astonishingly poor, and that's put me off the idea. Would owners care to comment please?
  7. I had assumed that the fitted headlight bulb was a dual filament. I now know what to look for. In the meantime I´ve had a decent pair of both reversing and rear fog lamps installed. What a great difference they make.
  8. Thank you FROSTYBALLS, Guess there's no point in continuing my search
  9. As far as I can tell, the headlamp bulbs are Toyota's design and I can't see any dual filament bulbs which can replace them, (They have a right angled construction, with the glass assembly mounted on a base which is at right angles to it.) Does anyone know of a much brighter replacement?
  10. The restraints aren't active. Seat rake is adjusted for my maximum comfort. I can't play around with that to accommodate the nasty restraints. Since the jubilee clips are not a satisfactory solution they'll be removed.
  11. I've just acquired a 2015 Yaris. The front head restraints do not allow any for/aft adjustment and I find them far to forwards. I have to sit with my head slightly tilted forward. I have attached a jubilee clip to each of its posts so that it is held much higher than otherwise would be possible. This doesn't fix the problem but it makes a small, but insufficient, difference. There should be a gap of 2 inches or so between one's head and the restraint. Does anyone know how this problem may be overcome? Next time in town I will visit the Toyota dealer and have a look at head restraints in other models in the hope that an adjustable one is available.
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