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  1. Would it be possiable if you can load up a few shots of the new rear light clusters please. Im interested in doing the conversion too! thanks.
  2. According to service history book, last time timing belt and water pump changed was at 60k. Its now at just under 110k.
  3. Hi all, My car passed its MOT test last week and its needs to go in in for a 110k miles service next week. What service does my car need? What parts need to be changed along with the timing belt? Also to cut the cost of servicing, would it be best to buy the service parts from Toyota dealership and take my car to a local reliable garage who I have been using them for years. How much am I looking at having the timing belt replaced from a garage? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, Quick question that hopefully someone can help me out with easily! One of my rear numberplate lights has failed so I'm keen to replace them with some lovely new LED items. how easy is it to remove and replace the numberplate lights? I've not done it before so assume it is a case of carefully prising the light out from its location above the 'plate? Is there How To Guide on this? Cheers Craig
  5. I have 2003 T25 avensis D4D 2.0. The rear interior lights in the passenger area are too dim. Would like to upgrade to LED's. What size LED's bulbs are needed? Please help.
  6. And with the heater off, the revs drop down to 1800rpm. Is this normal?
  7. 2003 Avensis 2.0 D4D revs at 12000rpm at idle with heater on? Why is this? The settings are set to HI to each side, fan speed is at 5 and is blowing hot air but the revs shoot upto 12000rpm? I find this strange as it's drinking to much diesel. Any thoughts on this please.
  8. does any one know how to fit rear parking sensors on a 03 avensis 4dr saloon? i have 03 avensis 4dr saloon t3-x spec but with out the rear parking sensors. need them installed as i've bumped into poles when reversing. any thoughts on this? cheers, craig.
  9. I want to work out how many miles per gallon my car does, but it all feels a bit difficult cos of getting petrol in litres, and my being rubbish at any sort of conversions.Is there any sort of forumula or online calculator thingy which I could use to help me? Just did a 536 mile road trip in my 2003 Avensis 2.0 D4D. Cost of Diesel was £67.00, it took 46.56L at £1.439. What is my car's MPG? Is it ny good? Many thanks and apologies for stupid question.
  10. was just wondering if supply front and rear number plate bolts for T25 2003 avensis saloon? If not, do you know what size mm the bolts are? Do they need the washer to go behind each bolt? Please advise. Thank you, Craig
  11. was just wondering if supply front and rear number plate bolts for T25 2003 avensis saloon? If not, do you know what size the bolts are? Please advise. Thank you, Craig
  12. Just noticed this morning my car number plate at the back fell off, front one is still there. I'm considering getting a new number plate holder, but I'm wondering wheather these require any drilling in the front bumper or the rear boot to fit? would rather not do that if that is the case. How do I remove the adhesive plate pads? What type of tool do I need to remove these black and yellow plastic bit stuck inside the holes circled in red? Need suggestions and advice fot this. please help.
  13. Rear Number Plate LED's? Will the interior bulb, a 269 fitting (30mm festoon) fit this model? Thank you for all your help!
  14. it's a T25 (Mk2) Avensis. Will the interior bulb, a 269 fitting (30mm festoon) fit this model?
  15. Hi, I have decided to upgrade the interior lights on my 03 Avensis D4D. I want to give LED a go. I'm looking for something a little brighter than the existing dull yellow bulbs. Anyone know what type and what sort of bulb and length mm is needed?
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