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  1. :) Nice one guys & thanks for the info.. Only reason I'm thinking of replacing the Toyota wheels is I've heard they have a reputation for cracking?? Must say they do feel a bit thin around the spokes.. The OZ MSW's have TUV approval where many other wheels didn't.. Going to opt for a set of these as all the required dimensions match too.. Will nail a few piccy's up when fitted.
  2. I'm currently looking at these wheels...
  3. The only thing that lets my '04 5-door Rav down is the badly corroded alloys on it.. Been looking at replacing all 4 alloys for some new ones & need to know the wheel offset? Don't suppose any of you chaps know, eh? Going for a standard size replacement 16" wheel... Say, also, could anyone recommend a good make of wheel to fit please?
  4. Now then all.. Just picked up a mint black LWB 2004 Rav4.. & so far I'm lovin' it! TBH I was very unsure about getting the Rav to replace my ageing Scoob' WRX, but the dealer offered me & good price, the Rav's a minter, it's had 1 owner, FTSH, low mileage & full black leather XT3 version... Been for a good drive today & I'm chuffed to bits with it! Scooby had to go before my licence did & living in The Fens of Cambridgeshire you need suspension travel for the roads around here.. The Rav fits the bill perfectly for me... 'Appy daze Just like to add that I'm quite impressed with this site, some damn good information here... so well done all you members & people who put it all together! Cheers if you're drinking beers!
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Big Blue Hilux :)