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  1. catnash

    2019 new yaris

    If you search for Yaris on YouTube, you'll see that model, seems to be an Indian model. I'm not sure when a fresh Yaris will arrive?
  2. catnash

    Good News New 68 plate confirmed Yaris Hybrid

    Does the protection pack include mudflaps? Seat covers and a trip to Halfords with a Toyota owners card.
  3. catnash

    2015 Yaris 1.33 VVT-I Icon opinions?

    Yeah hate a hairy Yaris...
  4. catnash

    2015 Yaris 1.33 VVT-I Icon opinions?

    Have fun, get waxing.
  5. catnash

    MOT history check - safety recalls

    You can also force the ombudsman to look into issues cars are having. So if you know a certain model has a safety issue you report it. If others do the same it can trigger a recall, even if manufacturers try to ignore issues.
  6. catnash

    Corrosion on bugs, pug 107 on a 2007 plate

    Do a search for dinnitrol kits, seems the better corrosion protection and seems to be widely used in Europe.
  7. catnash

    2015 Yaris 1.33 VVT-I Icon opinions?

    OK different engine, same company, will be reliable. Most of us where I work have Toyota's,. None have had any problems. A range of 1.0's-1.33.
  8. catnash

    2015 Yaris 1.33 VVT-I Icon opinions?

    Bit late to this post. I had a qashqai before mine, although had a 64 plate qashqai as well. Great car. Mine is a design but same equipment. Albeit a newer 1.5. Also being given 2 free services, that means you won't have to pay for a service until 3 years ish away. I Han a focus zetec s with the 1.0 eco boost found that engine underpowered for a focus and thirsty. That 1.33 engine is solid. Had a 03 Yaris T3 with it. Happy motoring.
  9. catnash

    Tyres - second generation Aygo

    Same here with the Yaris. Due to being on call for theatre recovery was thinking of some all season tyres but cross climates aren't available in 195/50 r16's so might have to go winters with steel wheels unless I source another make of all season tyres
  10. catnash

    16 v 17 Yaris

    Dealer phoned me this morning finally. Arranging to take it to a body shop approved by Toyota just to maintain the rustproofing. Anyway he offered 1 free service but I was happy that he agreed for two so that's £460 saved over 2 years. I can now move on from this.
  11. catnash

    bent rail behind front wheel

    Just get it repaired to maintain the rustproofing. I had a wheel refurb guy that did similar on my Auris... couldn't prove it though. My local mechanic who does car restoration fixed it for £20. And only a few weeks ago a small chip was caused. A Toyota Dealer in Cardiff. Does annoy me that mechanics can be hit and miss with jacking cars.
  12. catnash

    16 v 17 Yaris

    Well back in contact with Toyota customer service,. The dealer isn't getting back to me when I ring or email for them to arrange a repair. I didn't think the area could be fixed that well but after seeing the tailgate issue with a body shop post doesn't fill me with confidence. I'm giving them one more day to get back in touch. By Wednesday there'll be a rejection letter in the post.
  13. catnash

    Wax oil.

    Try dinnitrol products, wideley regarded as the best. Also the karcher underbody sprayer.
  14. catnash

    Front seat covers 2018 Rav

    I use the ones by rhinoboot liners, but theyre cloth not leather.
  15. catnash

    16 v 17 Yaris

    Well its nearly two weeks now and find its very economical, havent filled it up yet to do a calculation. but it will take me to work and back twice on one gallon I work 14 miles away. Its very nice to drive, didnt go sat nav as it was at the time a £600 option, there is glare from the sun. The looks are great just about the right size for a small car. At the moment cant find all season michelin cross climates for it. whether I'd go winter contacts as Im a recovery nurse practicioner and when on call can be called out at any time regardless of weather. The stereo is superb, the quality cant be faulted without going for a custom install. Still annoyed and waiting to see what the dealer says about the damage to the seam, waiting on some goodwill. It states in the downloadable manual that it shouldnt be lifted there. I think I will miss the heated seats as they are nice on the auris.