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  1. That's why I didn't buy the hatchback. With two growing kids and mountain biking into the wilds the TS is perfect. The mpg is a bonus.
  2. If you look on you tube. Bob Flavin has reviewed a 1.8 Corolla Touring Sports and he stated it is better at driving comfort than luxury brands, that was some statement coming from someone I respect as regards to cars he's tested. It was that review that sold me on the Touring sport.
  3. Even my Auris is a bit psycho with autolights.
  4. Well that didn't go well. Car delivered this morning. My Auris has gone Double checked where the gentleman who had it before lived on Google earth. Car sat outside his house with some stickers in the window. And another older pic with a taxi. A name search also Turned out he was a taxi driver....In good faith to the dealer as I had asked them various questions especially if it was ex rental or been used as a taxi. They got confirmation of its use today by asking the man as the next car he got was on motability. It was even a used Toyota plus. I did ask the dealer as it had done 10000 mi
  5. Yeah vents will great for those in the back. Esp after cold wet rugby practice. I like ice cold my side but my wife likes a furnace...
  6. Well I've only gone and placed a deposit on a white one. It's a Toyota approved plus. But will still go through it with a fine toothed Combe just to be sure it's perfect.
  7. Hi Tony just looked at the video presentation looks like it has vents in the rear.
  8. We bought a chr a few weeks ago as my wife's Yaris was getting too small. Don't need any power as my commute and emergency call outs involve a roads including 10 miles of dual carriageway. Things that is a draw for the Corolla is rear vents. LED Lights and cheap tyre sizes.
  9. We'll just liaising with a dealer about a TS probably buy 1 in the next day or two. I've absolutely loved the auris 1.2 TS but the lure of easy town driving is too much. One thing that is bad on the auris is the headlights.
  10. Did you take you the Corolla today?
  11. I have an automatic 4x4 quad with all the bells and whistles. It's got a CVT gearbox. Love it though it is thumb driven....Its gearbox is made by cvtech.
  12. Next time if I'm not working I'll pop over and compare the car. There is a 2 litre one in carmarthenn but no test drives at the meeting moment.
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