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  1. catnash

    16 v 17 Yaris

    Just awaiting the dealer to contact me . They still want me to take it to get a respray. Toyota are pushing for a goodwill from the dealer.
  2. catnash

    Pre delivery damage?

    Yes but nothing happened in that post. Please feel free to ask me to delete...
  3. catnash

    Pre delivery damage?

    Thought I'd ask here for advice, small amount of damage to the cill seam of my brand new Yaris caused by the dealer. Had asked them not to lift it up at those point but when I got home I noticed they had. So been in touch with the dealer but they want it back to a body shop. I have a few options to consider, would you accept that on a new car or would you accept money off or reject or refund? Toyota are willing to mediate? I've never had a new car with this problem, dealer said they always lift at the seams. Damage happens.
  4. catnash

    Sweaty Socks.

    There was a post in Honest John about the way you can use the heater to self clean. I've used those Aircon cleaners and the clean out the car nice. You can also use a Dakota air bomb.
  5. catnash

    16 v 17 Yaris

    Well now in discussion with the dealer principal about options, Toyota are involved, will wait to see what they say tomorrow. Oh well, car goes nice. Stereo is good. I could easily say a replacement vehicle but I'm willing to compromise, just got to word it correctly. They want a body shop repair. But I have seen some rubbish repairs on a few cars in my past where none of them were my fault. What would the collective here do?
  6. Good question,. I found a very good you tube clip that taught me how to do it. Also the right side for the best quality. The stereo is very good.
  7. catnash

    16 v 17 Yaris

    Yes its annoying as someone who tries to be carefull with correct lifting this has taken the shine off a new car. I do want to know if it was the garage as I did ask them not to do it and they promised.
  8. catnash

    16 v 17 Yaris

    We'll I picked it up. Looks very nice, however I had asked the dealer not to lift the car up on the cill seams as my Auris was by a wheel refurbisher. Guess what.... annoyed as I had asked for them not to. At least they followed my instructions to leave the outside paint untouched. Got to take it back now. Not sure my options. Oh well. What would you lot do? Otherwise it's a nice looking car. Drives nice. Getting used to it after the Auris. Have a few things to fit and a full decontamination and a wax. Then I'll post more pics.
  9. catnash

    16 v 17 Yaris

    Cheers right then one of them must be mine.....until a closer look revealed they're all bi-tone...
  10. catnash

    16 v 17 Yaris

    Well the car arrived in the UK last week, paperwork for the deal signed and sent. ?delivery to the dealer on the 3rd July or earlier. so if anyone sees a transporter on the M4 with a White yaris then thats mine. Have asked the dealer not to hand wash it and I can do all the prep myself. wonder where they store it after france. Have ordered the rhino boot liner and rear seat covers in red and using my current black ones for the front seats. Ive also got a protecting film for the front part of the bonnet.
  11. catnash

    First service. Dents on the car

    Might be documented. I have luckily a PDR guy in Swansea called dentox who will get rid of those. As your not planning on keeping the car you might just wait until you have a few more? There are some quality PDR guys out there. PDR = painless dent removal.
  12. catnash

    2013 avensis handbrake inoperable warning.

    I've got a nice Ring charger after the qashqai battery issues. Brilliant charger, especially when I left the battery on the mower totally discharge. The qashqai we had also had the electric parking brake which then wouldn't release and it was up against a wall so couldn't use jump leads.....
  13. catnash

    16 v 17 Yaris

    Not sure, I have heard the hybrid had even more improvements to the suspension and ? Noise suppression. I wanted pure white as it's much easier to paint stone chips. My Auris is pearl white and though I can get s close match it's not quite as easy. I think the bi-tone when white pearl only.
  14. catnash

    Air-con efficiency

    After 4 years, try to find a recommended air con specialist for a test and refill. Especially if you have that new refrigerant. My previous qashqai was terrible. The condenser broke after 2 years and it was never right after that. All my other cars have been great. Saying that will soon have a new Yaris so I'll report back.
  15. catnash

    Waterproof front seat covers

    I use rhino boot liners,. They do seat covers,. They're quite thick in materials. I also use Scotchgard as well.