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  1. catnash


    I'll bump this too. Would like one.
  2. Try barkeepers friend. On detailing world it seems the go to product.
  3. With all the research I've read over the years. It's why I use them. Some think they're snake oil but I feel it's worth doing. There's a refinery down this way and the additives are added afterwards.
  4. I use archoil. Only had petrol till now so put the diesel one in when I got my diesel. A work colleague on the other hand puts premium Shell in on pay day.
  5. There's better stuff than redex. Try archoil or BG products. You can buy it on eBay or other sellers.
  6. Mines ok. Probably needs a tweak. What year is yours?
  7. Like furtula said once you remove the plastic foil you may find a PDR (paintless dent repair) specialist in your area who'll get any dent out. If the paint is scratched though you could look at reviews for body shops. I've found the best ones are either who the top marques recommend.
  8. The best one recently reviewed on a few detailing forums is the autoglym high performance tyre gel.
  9. Same here. Can see the edge of the number plate.
  10. Never had a heated steering wheel but I had heated seats in my Auris and now my corolla. Generally keep the seats on all the time in witer.
  11. Depends how many adjustments. I've heard of about £80 for a full range.
  12. If you do a search for hawkeye hunter centres. They seem to be the best system. Like any tool it's only as good as as the operator. In my experience this will be easily sorted. Other options include some alignment centres based on motorsports.
  13. This happened to mine. I was lucky as my local body shop sorted it out believe it or not with a rubber mallet on the seam. Try seeing what the garage will say first.
  14. If I were you I would reject the car. There are enough quality cars out there. Been there had the T-shirt.
  15. You'll be surprised at how many cars pass through a PDI with the wrong tyre pressures too. Have you checked the pressures when cold?
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