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  1. Depends how many adjustments. I've heard of about £80 for a full range.
  2. If you do a search for hawkeye hunter centres. They seem to be the best system. Like any tool it's only as good as as the operator. In my experience this will be easily sorted. Other options include some alignment centres based on motorsports.
  3. This happened to mine. I was lucky as my local body shop sorted it out believe it or not with a rubber mallet on the seam. Try seeing what the garage will say first.
  4. If I were you I would reject the car. There are enough quality cars out there. Been there had the T-shirt.
  5. You'll be surprised at how many cars pass through a PDI with the wrong tyre pressures too. Have you checked the pressures when cold?
  6. I use rhino boot covers. Have also used hatchbag in the past. All very good. Sold my Auris TS for a Corolla TS so bought another rhino boot cover.
  7. Cheers. I've learnt a lot over the years of detailing world
  8. Try archoil 6400 pmax. I've tried bg44 too but the new fuel cleaners are much better.
  9. Ive always used gtechniq matte dash c6 since my Jazz days... Seems the best of the bunch.
  10. My auris touring sport 1.2 was averaging about 42.5 overall so I'm expecting to see the petrol station a bit less as the tank is smaller tank.
  11. Ive had ex rental lease cars before. Esp. from motorpoint no problem. But as this car was sold as 1 owner it was priced accordingly. I did ask if it had been used as a taxi to which they replied... definitely not a taxi.
  12. Trying economically tyres set at recommended pressures. My commute is fairly flat 4 miles a road then 9 miles dual carriageway then 2 miles through town. Usually 65mpg on the dual carriageway. Though when I'm called out on emergencies in theatre recovery I go to the speed limit never over. Normally early hours of the morning with no one else on the road.
  13. Hey Rolando. Rejected it and they found me 1 a couple of months older with just under 6 thousand miles. One that had Toyota as the previous reg keeper but mint inside. Though did spend a few hours detailing it fully. mpg is amazing 64 on my commute to work even this weather.
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