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  1. catnash

    Autoexpress review of 2019 RAV4

    I've never trusted Autoexpress for years. generally if it not a VW/Audi, then that's automatically 1-2 stars lower....prefer you tube for reviews nowadays.
  2. catnash

    Help with kerbing wheel!

    Have a look at eBay, you'll find a wheel no problem,. You could have a proper wheel refurbisher give you a cost for a check. Circa £75 for a proper refurb.
  3. catnash

    1.2T Engine Good?

    Same engine in mine, can't fault it v smooth, enough power.
  4. catnash

    Paint damage caused by goalkeeper gloves!

    Maguire's do two levels of cutting polish. That should come out, even if you have to wet sand (read up wet sanding on detailing world). Otherwise a professional detailer body shop will buff it out
  5. catnash

    Poor Mileage 2015 1.6D-4D

    Might be winter fuel and the cold weather? I'm also a believer in archoil and BG 44k 244k fuel additive.
  6. catnash

    Which Toyota Go system do I have?

    Cheers estate. Off to Lyon Towers tomorrow and I'll have another crack at it when I'm back...
  7. catnash

    Which Toyota Go system do I have?

    We'll I've downloaded the zip file and unzipped it to a USB fat32 nothing updating yet after a minute might go back and have another go....
  8. catnash

    Which Toyota Go system do I have?

    How long does an update take? And engine running like you said? I'm downloading the October update in maps and my Auris was a late 16 so ? A low version? I know it's touch 2 with go. Just unzipping the download now then I'll have to pick up the kids and do it after that.
  9. catnash

    Smeary windscreen when it rains??

    On detailing world a lot of people find barkeepers friend great. The powder one that's in the Range. Otherwise if it's been treated with a screen sealant then a rayon pad and ceriglas is the option for those with a da polisher...
  10. catnash

    2019 new yaris

    If you search for Yaris on YouTube, you'll see that model, seems to be an Indian model. I'm not sure when a fresh Yaris will arrive?
  11. catnash

    Good News New 68 plate confirmed Yaris Hybrid

    Does the protection pack include mudflaps? Seat covers and a trip to Halfords with a Toyota owners card.
  12. catnash

    2015 Yaris 1.33 VVT-I Icon opinions?

    Yeah hate a hairy Yaris...
  13. catnash

    2015 Yaris 1.33 VVT-I Icon opinions?

    Have fun, get waxing.
  14. catnash

    MOT history check - safety recalls

    You can also force the ombudsman to look into issues cars are having. So if you know a certain model has a safety issue you report it. If others do the same it can trigger a recall, even if manufacturers try to ignore issues.
  15. catnash

    Corrosion on bugs, pug 107 on a 2007 plate

    Do a search for dinnitrol kits, seems the better corrosion protection and seems to be widely used in Europe.