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  1. ok my Aygo has died. Engine went. bye bye litle car bye bye forum 

  2. Make sure you notify your insurance if you change them, as it will invalidate your cover if you don't
  3. It's not good to run the car on the reserve. The fuel filter will become clogged over time. Finding this out on my work van. Stalled it twice wilst passing old grannies admitting the countryside. Major fail
  4. It's not good to run the car on the reserve. The fuel filter will become clogged over time. Finding this out on my work van. Stalled it twice wilst passing old grannies admitting the countryside. Major fail
  5. Get a can of fuel and drive till you stop if you really want to find out. I did around 15 miles in mine on my first tank reserve, serving around welsh mountains looking for a fuel station. Didn't want to risk it.
  6. Hi. It took me seconds to fit. Aygo blue 2010. Yes all the connections were there and it works fine. Also the cowling I bought came and fits perfectly.
  7. Yeah suppose, but advertising the Prius as an zero carbon footprint is an issue. The batteries ae made in Canada, then shipped to tokio, then shipped to another manufacturing plant before arriving in the uk. That is the issue with them.
  8. Bought a august 2010 aygo blue vvti+ for £4775 in the end. Well hybrids may be more environmentally friendly on fuel consumption, but their carbon foot print they leave before they even exit the factory, is a bit of an issue.
  9. New plan with the rear seats it to clean them up with white spirit and steel wool, then respray them black. And when ever they are down to put a protective cloth over them.
  10. Hi , I'm taking my aygo out to France in a month. Has anyone traveled out there since the new laws were introduced. What is the bare minimum needed in the car to travel. I've looked on websites but the contradict each other.
  11. I'll check them. Toyota set them up so not sure as only owned car 3 days
  12. Shatter hammers, cost a five. They cut through seat belts and smash glass. Might get a couple for my aygo
  13. Aygo blue is very bouncy on non Tarmac surfaces. Got my third service coming up. Maybe it is a warranty issue?
  14. Will try those methods. Ours is a horse shoe and comes off real easy. Was thinking about putting some clear silicone behind it to cushion it and absorb the vibrations. M42 near Solihull, was terrible, like driving a clowns car because of the concrete road surface.
  15. Ok got my rev counter. £65 ebay and cowling £12.99 plus postage a packaging
  16. Hi my Aygo Blue 2010 has a very shakey rear view mirror. It vibrates and wobbles at speed. Just wondered if anyone had this problem and managed to sort it?
  17. 2010 Aygo blue vvti+ . Had it three days, looks like there has been a leak coming in around the interior light. Will get deal to sort it.
  18. Found a RHD OR LHD cowling without rev counter on a c1 parts site for £12.50. Now just need a rev counter.Which cowling is better LHD or RHD, do you think, if you had the choice.
  19. Thinking of fitting one in my new aygo. It is on the list of things to do. My first priority is sound proofing. But will try and find one in a scrap yard is possible. Umm with regards to cutting out the old cowling yourself, That is all well and good if you have the kit and skill to make it look as neat as the custom made cowling.
  20. That is my plan too. But I'm using aucustlc carpet felt. £35 a roll on ebay. Make sure you have lists of spare panel clips first though
  21. Sound proofed the boot today. Put speaker carpet in around the spare wheel, and up around the wheel arches. Amazed by the sound difference.
  22. Picked up my aygo yesterday. As I though the back of he seats are scratched. Did a motor way journey and sounds a bit noises under spare wheel and rear seats. Been told carpet underlay felt works as a good sound proof. Also got lots of felt wrap for pipes, going to put this in the gap around the spare tyre. Underlay £34 felt wrap £2
  23. Ok was doing 1 fuel bar for 100 miles on motorway today. If the tank holds 7.6 gallons and I do 600miles per tank. My average will be 78 miles to a gallon aprox . Have to see how the rest of the tank bares out
  24. Trip computer .. A couple of weeks ago, I test drove a Citroen c1 with a trip computer that the owner had installed himself. It was simple. He installed it in the centre console and then just plugged it into the OBDII port under the steering wheel. The model he used was scangauge. But WIFI enabled ones are also available, that can open up in a smart phone or tablet.
  25. Only thinking about this because when the seats are down with luggage etch, they easily can get scratched. Not bought my aygo yet, just trying to resolved some issues I have with it.
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