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  1. Thanks everyone. :) I guess I probably am underestimating what the RAV is capable of :(. It's my first winter of owning a four by four, and I remember only too well what a nightmare my old Ford Focus was like when we had snow... I have two new Hankook HP RA33 tyres on the front now, and two budget tyres that were put on for the MOT before I bought it in April last year (unfortunately I couldn't justify the cost of replacing all four with winter tyres), and the two new tyres have already made a big difference to the road handling :). I have to say that so far I have been very impressed with the RAV and am soooo glad I bought it! "Floats might be a good idea if we get what's forecast tomorrow though". So true! Thanks again... :)
  2. Please forgive me if anyone has already asked this question... I have decided to buy some AutoSocks for my Rav 4, but not sure if I need to buy two sets or if I can get away with just a set for the front?
  3. Happy to report that the new tyres are fitted (Hankook HP RA33's) and so far so good :)
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'll stick to normal tyres rather than all terrains, and put them on the back :). Can anyone recommend a mid range tyre? Looks like Hankook Dynapro HP RA23 have a better performance rating than the Bridgestone Duelers I have on there at the moment?
  5. Hi, I need to replace the front tyres on my Rav 4, and was looking to move over to all terrain tyres (Yokohama Geolanders). The tyres on the back are still fine (Champiro VP1). Could someone please let me know whether I can put all terrains just on the front, or would I have to replace all four? Not sure if it would affect the roadhandling? Cheers
  6. Thanks for the replies. I appreciate that these are Head 'Restraints' and not Head 'Rests', but this is the first car that I have driven that has restraints that slope forward as much as these do. I guess I'm just going to have to keep playing around with all the seat settings to find a combination that works for me... Good point about the insurance aspect - hadn't thought of that! Aside from that though, I have to say I really like the car so far ;)
  7. Hi, Well I've just picked up a very nice auto RAV XT 4 this weekend (54 plate), and have been enjoying driving it around. I've never owned a Toyota before, but so far so good... Just wondered if anyone else had an issue with the angle of the front headrests, as they slope forward and are not comfortable at all. I've turned them around 180 deg, which is much better, but they obviously aren't meant to be that way around. Has anyone found any that fit the slot that are more upright per chance?
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums Tequilla Head :)

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