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  1. Hi Konrad, many thanks for the reply. Funny enough i looked at the Euro Car Parts site and their nearest branch is not too far away either. Only thing that stopped me was the price. They want £42 for their set and it says they could be any brand, which they have got. Have visions of them having Tesla as well and then paying a bit over the odds. But it does mean i could sort it out sooner. Thanks for the tip when installing, will do that.
  2. We got our Avensis back from its service to find it still runs rough at idle or when crawling at low speed / rpm. And also hesitant to pull away. Once the revs rise it all smooths out and no problems. I had this years ago with a Ford and it turned out to be a HT lead breaking down. Our Avensis hasn't seen a Toyota dealership in 10 years but i notice it still has its original Toyota leads. Guessing it's done the best part of 80,000 miles on them now. Looking around i notice Mick's Garage online sell Tesla Leads for £25, instead of £80 for the Toyota leads. Has anyone ever used this brand befor
  3. Hi all, New to the forum but not new to Toyota ownership, we've had a couple in the past. Way back we had a Corolla and Carina. But been with Nissan for the past 10 years. However we have just bought a banger Avensis over the weekend, an old '98 R plate 1.8 GS for £300 with a years MOT and 6 months tax. So back in the Toyota club. It's in great nick, no rust and a sweet engine (120,000 miles). Had it serviced today and the garage said it was a good car. So hopefully a reliable second car for the work commute. Has one problem though, the gearbox whines in second gear on de-acceleration. Been to
  4. Hi All, Just bought a cheap Avensis GS 1.8 on a '98 R. Going to be my work commute car. Just had it serviced today plus a few other bits done. It's a nice car for £300. Couple of bits that are not so nice though. The steering wheel and the gear knob. The car has done 120,000 miles and both are pretty worn now as you would expect. Would like to replace both if possible with leather versions. At the moment nothing on Ebay from a higher spec (GLS or SR) Avensis. But on Gumtree someone is selling a '99 Celica steering wheel in good condition. Leather trimmed and only 77,000 miles of use. Does it u
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums Rustiebin :)

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      Many thanks for the welcome Steve :)

      Posted my first thread on the forum.

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