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  1. I got a full custom exhaust for £350. Our cars have a manicat so doubt that has gone it will be the big chunky mid box which I would just straight pipe at your local Mr tyre, friend of mine had it done, sounds fine, paid £70. Go fully custom ;)
  2. just to add my 5p worth. I have the one pictured (B9005) maps are £30 a year for me, not expensive at all to keep it all oem, plus they have never put me in the wrong place they are very accurate, and traffic alerts and diversions are spot on too :)
  3. Aggo

    My Build

    you make it sound so simple....... ill buy one then have a look haha off your recommendation of course!
  4. Aggo

    My Build

    ahhh ok so I could buy 1 of those kenwood amps (*edit subs) and hook it straight to the b9005?
  5. Aggo

    My Build

    is there a specific amp or name of amp I need to search that will do 4 speakers and an amp? I figure amp under passenger seat and sub under mine?
  6. Aggo

    My Build

    and a lot more money 4 new speakers with 4 amps with 2 subs.....
  7. Aggo

    My Build

    I wouldn't know where to start but want to keep the 9005 even if it has a scratch on the face that bugs the hell outa me! its something I want to do soon, very soon, where do you live ;) hahaha
  8. Aggo

    My Build

    looks ace mate, is it possible with the b9005 to sub and amp?
  9. Aggo

    My Build

    did you sub and amp the b9005 or have you got a different unit bud?
  10. don't try it without! or do what I did on the most hidden area that disappears when bumper is on, I'm buying some on ebay £160 the pair not worth the hassle for that!
  11. Honestly Brett that's very kind of you I have pm'ed you as requested, I will give you something for it mate, thanks again.
  12. I tried every feasible way even with professional pry tools, in the end I tried to dremmel it open until I was crouched over for so long my back went and had to go to hospital! It was bumper off then 4 bolts on the light, real easy to get off but lens is another story, safe to say I won't be attempting it again!
  13. Smudge don't bother! to me this doesn't even seem real, I mean it! After an hour I have got no where! The lens and back box melt well before the sealant even comes close to loosening up! It's like concrete! You can't pry because everything else is so soft! I would rather shove hot coals up my !Removed! eye than attempt this again!
  14. silly question perhaps when you clean the egr do you take it apart so you can extend and compress the spring? I had the same problem until I did, I found a small build up that was not allowing the 'top hat' to close properly that left a half a mm gap, but it was enough to let it smoke, once cleaned properly it is perfect, I clean it this way every time now.
  15. +1 on aidsy's comment, same here.
  16. Aggo

    My Build

    'excuse me mate your bonnets open'
  17. for me on B9005 I hit display then turn night mode off, only thing I can help with sorry.
  18. Aggo

    B9005 AUX

    Anyone had any luck without spending £80?
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