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  1. It would help others if you could report if Mikw.
  2. Politicians, local or National do not like to feel they are losing the voters` confidence, so people must complain. There are systems available on Local Authority websites and sites such as Fix my Street. Once a complaint has been made an acknowledgement is produced automatically and the train of events is set in motion. Action is then required under Statute. Leaving the reporting to someone else simply will not do. Let us all get off our backsides and raise stink.
  3. If it has been reported many times and reportings can be evidenced, then sue the Authority for the cost of repairing the damage, via the Small Claims Court.
  4. And will remain as Potholes unless you and others report them to your Local Authority Mike.
  5. You must report the pothole to your local authority soonest Andrue.
  6. Hi Dave, I have the same car (2011) but with Mutidrive Auto Transmission. Had it for 6 months but only done 100 miles due to Pandemic. Will work out fuel consumption when I can.
  7. Michelin Pilot or Michelin Cross Climate for all year round use.
  8. If it works satisfactorily then at that price, every vehicle owner should have one.
  9. Spot on Bob. It is a discipline which must be followed. As with honesty, did you know that if one always tells the truth, one never has to remember what one said to whom.😊😊
  10. Any mention of this in your Owners Manual Chris ?
  11. Yes, I`ve heard the same for Lexus--run it for 500 miles, then bring it back.
  12. I connected mine to the OBD11 Port on the Lexus while I was in Spain for 3 months. It was very successful and the car fired up immediately upon my return. I was careful to ensure that the Solar Panel was facing DUE SOUTH so as to collect the maximum amount of sunlight each day.
  13. Leave the Handbrake off when parked to avoid any ticking noise ?
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