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  1. Bob, I received it yesterday and it is just what I wanted. Looks to be never used. Many thanks for your advices.
  2. Sorry to read that Claire. My advice, based upon experience is (a) Shoot husband (b) deny all knowledge and (c) await professional advice from Members with Hybrids.😊😊
  3. Thanks Ian. Have just bought one but I will get back to you if I`ve bought the wrong one !
  4. Many thanks Bob for all of your help. Have just ordered it. Regards John
  5. Thanks Bob.What is the significance of asking for the number on the back and how do I know what it means ?
  6. Thanks Bob--can you possibly provide a link to the Handbook which you think seems most suitable please?
  7. Thanks Bob. It is an early MK3, an SR reg in December 2011 on a 61 plate. Are you saying that is best found on .com or on ebay ?
  8. I have bought a 2011 Yaris that came without an Owners Handbook. I have downloaded one from the Toyota Website, but being of the "old school", I would prefer an actual hard copy. I am prepared to pay for it, so, Can anyone help ? Many thanks.
  9. Diesels do not do that. Pay for an AA/RAC Inspection, then tell the Dealer to fix whatever is wrong at his cost AS THE LAW REQUIRES.
  10. Take it back to the DEALER YOU BOUGHT IT OFF.
  11. Read this thoroughly Rob. https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/toyota/avensis-2009/good
  12. You need the tyres as stated in your Handbook, not the tyres you think you want.
  13. Just get it straight back to the Dealer, Pronto !
  14. Take care Damien as a missing Buckle might lead to an M.O.T. failure.
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