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  1. All my views too. We must have sat side by side at Primary School, Andrew😊
  2. Max,I`ve had Yaris MK1 for 20 years--no problems Had MK3 for 3 years-no problems Have a Lexus GS Hybrid for 10 years --no problems Toyota are significantly more reliable than any other marque. Buy from an official Toyota Dealer if you can and with a full Toyota Service History. Good luck.
  3. Hybrid, first, second and third. The drone is not there if driven correctly. Always ignore a criticism from a motoring journalist.Never buy a car with a turbo. Toyota Hybrids give one peace of mind, make one a more relaxed, respectful and confident driver and instills a sense of caring for the Planet.
  4. I never said it was bad Joe. I have a disciplined approach to avoid the sorts of problems other people experience.
  5. I suspect that the owner is on occasions starting the car to move it a few inches, then they are switching off. As a result the complete ignition cycle is interrupted, thus leaving an excess of fuel which is flooding the engine. Do not do it Mr or Mrs owner. The can be started by flooring the accelerator whilst turning the ignition on.
  6. You are relying too much on your instruments Tom. The calculation has regards to your driving style over the last x miles, which will itself have regard to traffic levels, which will have regard to the prevailing local terrain and weather conditions. Never let the fuel drop below one quarter of a tank and disregard miles left in the tank. Welcome to the Club by the way.
  7. And try to buy it from an official Toyota Dealer.
  8. George, are you 200% certain that you did lock the car ?
  9. You must ask the questions of the people providing the warranty Don.
  10. Many thanks Neil. As is often the case, the minority (you and me) are the best informed. I have 20 years more experience than you and have monitored the experience of the Multidrive system since its introduction in 2011.Tell your trusted friends of its secrets. No other manufacturer can claim such reliability from its own boxes.
  11. A good shout Neil. That box is a delight and I have yet to learn of one failing. Impressive mpg too, approaching Diesel consumption.
  12. Suzuki Dealership near to me is flying flags proclaiming a new 10 Warranty--akin to Toyota !
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