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  1. A shocking turn of events. Well written and documented Chris. Do keep us posted on any developments.
  2. Had the same auto box in our Mk` 1.3 cdx. Never missed a beat and I drove it to and from Spain twice. Never had the box serviced and it was not a serviceable item.
  3. Why not ask the Seller to give you your money back and you look elsewhere ?
  4. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/local-news/couples-toyota-yaris-flips-over-5956514 Was it you ?
  5. Sounds to me that with all functions operating normally, it could be pregnant with a baby Lexus! 🤣🤣
  6. Find out where the CATis first on this model Keith before spending any money.
  7. We`ve all been there Roy. With each passing year it don`t get any easier.😉
  8. and please do tell us what the taxi driver tells you !
  9. A courteously worded letter sent directly to the Dealer Principal informing him of your dissatisfaction will provoke a response that he will not enjoy writing ,but which may lead to your satisfaction Bob. Please do keep us all posted on developments.
  10. You do not really need help from here, just complain directly, forcefully and courteously to your Toyota Dealer Chris. And give him the rest of your complaints too. Then please update us all.
  11. Fair enough Bob but if you insert the word "generally" after the word don`t I would be able to add "The Toyota 3.5 V6 found in the current Lexus GS and RX models is however an exceptional performer with outstanding reliability statistics".
  12. Yes, my personal preference. A Toyota CVT is extremely reliable and I have yet to hear/ read of one failing.
  13. Just put them alongside existing petrol pumps at petrol stations?
  14. Did you know that the MET has a small fleet of Marai Luke?
  15. Don`t forget to check with your Insurance Company before buying, lest they disapprove.
  16. Buy an auto unless it is an MMT auto. When I drove one it (not MMT) was superb.
  17. It is not only a Town car. I have driven to Spain and back twice in my wife`s (then) MK 1 Yaris 1.3cdx auto and it performed perfectly. I have just driven the new Yaris Hybrid and it is superb. The O.P. should take one out and make his own mind up.
  18. It suggested to me that he was not yet ready for a Toyota Hybrid ¬
  19. Exceptional mpg indeed Joe. Warm windless weather,+15 in wheels,+ good fuel+ anticipatory driving skills,+ 56mph max + level geography =best return ? I was bought a Pac a mac by my mum and dad on holiday in a very wet Southampton in probably 1959 when I was 13 ! I`ve not heard the term since, until now.👍 Have a good day.
  20. Warm days lead to reduced fuel consumption.
  21. Chris, There have been several reports of SE Group poor performances on the Lexus Owners Forum too. I have started a thread over there. Time for ***** to be kicked me thinks!
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