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  1. Yes Sean. It is a good and reliable vehicle that will easily last 15-17 years and 200,000 miles.
  2. It is the Market operating Tony.Demand is greater than supply,so prices rise.
  3. If you really,really want the Touring Sport and you can afford it then just buy it Sam. Your ticket marked "LIFE" does not have a return option !
  4. I drove a 1.3 auto (Multidrive) in a Gen 3 Yaris for a coulel of years. It was brilliant.
  5. Why not pop into your local Mazda Dealer and ask them ? They have access to a small supply of Yaris Hybrids--all Badged Mazda !
  6. Phone Tony Banks in Leeds and ask them to advise you of possible outlets in your area David. https://www.tonybanks.co.uk/
  7. I was on edge like you Brian when, more than 70 years ago I opened up the package containing my HOPALONG CASSIDY TIMEX WATCH ! A great feeling isn`t it matey ?
  8. Well done FB. Some owners just will not read Handbooks.
  9. air flow into the car, NOT recirculating.
  10. Have a look through this list Estoes. Lexus Indie Garages (1) (8) (3) (1).docx
  11. Mazda Chester are exceptionally good. It`s the people which make a business what it is.
  12. An interesting read Sue. Thanks. My wife had had 2 Yaris`, one Mark 1 and the other a Mark 3. Both extremely reliable and enjoyed. She was unable to continue with the Mark 1 successor as Toyota changed the positioning of the "wing mirrors", thus preventing her from having good vision. So instead of Yaris Mark2, we bought a Mazda 2 which had the mirror configuration of the Mark 1 Yaris. She has since had two further Mazda 2`s and has just got a Mazda 2 CX with which she is thrilled. During the period of the Pandemic we were told of a Collaborative effort taking place between Toyota and Mazda whereby Toyata gave Hybrid Technology to Mazda and Mazda gave Engine Technology to Toyota. We are now seeing the results of the collaborative effort and as you rightly say the Toyota Yaris Hybrid has been rebadged to sell it as a Mazda Hybrid. In fact all Yaris Hybrids are sold as Mazda`s in the States. Do enjoy your new car which is bound to be a Sales hit regardless of which badge it wears.
  13. Any information on inside of fuel flap ?
  14. I have 3 and just sold a 4th automatic and not one of them displays the slight delay you mention Cy. Mazda 2, CX3 and Merc W210 autos are all Torque Convertor Boxes. The Lexus GS is an e-cvt box and the Mark 3 Yaris was a Multidrive. The M.M.T. IDrive, DSG and other twin clutch models were cra*.
  15. Welcome James, I`m sure you will enjoy the Yaris Cross when it arrives. I must say that I have never ever heard of the VW DSG Autobox described as excellent.
  16. Care to share your "good case" details Nick ?
  17. All my views too. We must have sat side by side at Primary School, Andrew😊
  18. Max,I`ve had Yaris MK1 for 20 years--no problems Had MK3 for 3 years-no problems Have a Lexus GS Hybrid for 10 years --no problems Toyota are significantly more reliable than any other marque. Buy from an official Toyota Dealer if you can and with a full Toyota Service History. Good luck.
  19. Hybrid, first, second and third. The drone is not there if driven correctly. Always ignore a criticism from a motoring journalist.Never buy a car with a turbo. Toyota Hybrids give one peace of mind, make one a more relaxed, respectful and confident driver and instills a sense of caring for the Planet.
  20. I never said it was bad Joe. I have a disciplined approach to avoid the sorts of problems other people experience.
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