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  1. Hi, Yes, I noticed about the rushing too... as it always happened when there was somewhere I needed to be. I have ended up getting rid of the car, it was sad because I loved it, but it was just so unreliable. I spoke to two people with the same problem, and no one ever found an answer to the problem. One girl said she had the exact same problem as mine until one day it escalated and started flashing 'N' on the motorway! My worse nightmare! My car had a new ECU and a new gear stick under warranty to try and fix this same problem. Toyota said they had no idea what the problem was, all they could try was replacing the gear stick and all the sensors again (£500+), or replacing the actuator on the MMT gearbox (£1200), but there was no promise either would solve the problem. So it had to go! :(
  2. Hi, So car has gone to toyota, found a couple of 'silly' fault codes, nothing major. They have done a reset and resync which they said 9/10 solves the problem. I am still yet to be convinced. Thanks
  3. I know this was a year ago, but did this repair fix the problem?? Having a similar problem myself. Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for all your advise. Think I may have solved the mystery. I found another similar forum with exactly the same problem. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/137847-mmt-gearbox-yet-again-flashing-n-in-drive-positions/ It looks like its going to be a rather hefty repair, what would be your advise? Repair or Trade in? Thanks
  5. The dash indicators normally work fine, displaying R, D, M etc... It is just when the car is playing up that it flashes N. The AA man tried to push/roll the car to see if it was in neutral which it was not even though it was on stick and dash. It hasn't happened for about a month now and the car has no other problems (touch wood). I am just very wary about where i drive it now encase it refuses to start again. The electrical mechanic suggested a software update is needed, but I am totally clueless when it comes to stuff like this?!?!? Just want to have some idea before I take it to Toyota as its £50 for them to plug it into the diagnostic, which has already been done by every mechanic that has seen it and nothing.
  6. Sorry, missed that out. Yes I always press the foot brake. When the car is playing up the brake goes really hard and unable to depress.
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me solve my Aygo mystery. I have had this car under a year an absolutely love it. However, over the past 6 weeks it has suffered with intermittent starting problems. It works the majority of the time but has failed to start three times. I have had it to two separate mechanics and an auto electric mechanic and no one could find an issue with the car. I have yet to take it to Toyota as I felt they fobbed me off when i called, saying it was an old car (07 plate?!?!?) and bound to have some problems starting now and then. This will of course be my next step but hoping to go armed with some info or answers. The problems, as a semi auto obviously the car must be in neutral to start, as I try and start the ignition nothing happens, the dash lights come on and all the electrics work, but the engine doesn't crank/turnover anything. 2/3 times its failed to start I have eventually managed to start it myself by turning car on and off and messing with the gear stick. Very strange though as when I go through the gears the dash flashes neutral and doesn't change to Reverse, Easy, Manual etc. 1/3 times it has failed to start I had to get AA out, nothing seemed to work, exactly the same problem, failing to crank, flashing neutral, however when the AA man tried to push the car it was actually in gear not in neutral like the dash and stick were showing. This could possibly explain why my car failed to start as it will only start in neutral. Eventually after resetting the battery the car came back to life. Any advice or similar problems would be appreciated. Thanks Aygo Girl
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums aygo_girl :)