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  1. Right. I had a word with the garage in question. They said that the starter motor was stuck on and full of clutch dust (?). They cleaned out the motor after it failed on 10 out of 12 tests on the bench with direct live. Sounds plausible but it still doesn't explain £600 for a new clutch. And it doesn't explain why the motor would still run even with the key outside the car in your hand.... I was under the impression that once the ignition is off that means no pwer to starting circuit. Someone stick their two Penny's worth in..
  2. I find it hard to imagine that a mechanic followed by a garage visit failed to even check the battery. They had their other car- an Omega- at the same garage a few months ago. They got charged £215 for diagnostic and replacement of the crank sensor. I remember hearing the chap say " as it's an old car it took longer as some of the bolts were seized and we had to remove the ac compressor and power steering pump to get to the sensor". Now I know vauxhall x20xev engines inside out and a crank sensor can be replaced without removing anything else. Bit fiddly but possible. After I heard that I had
  3. Latest- i fixed it. She had squirted wd40 in the key hole and that seemed to sort that. However, the garage tried to pull a fast one by having the starter motor off when she went to get the car after saying no to the £780 in the hope that she would say yes to at least a new starter.. i checked the battery which was dead so i charged it up via jump leads and eventually got it running. Tested it by restarting several times and seems ok now. At worst it may need a new battery. I'm gonna call that garage and give them a piece of my mind.
  4. Right. I had a call off the mother in law and here is the latest.. Now, sit down as this is unbelievable... First I asked her EXACTLY what went wrong. She went to turn off the engine but it still ran even with the key removed. She then went home and stalled it like I told her but can't say whether she disconnected the battery like I said ( I know her and that means that she just left it al week with the ignition still on). Probably flat battery. Que mechanic 'friend'... he couldn't start it as 'it just clicked' (flat battery no doubt) and told them to call the garage. Que tow truck from ga
  5. Here is the latest... A garage that is local to her came round to tow the car to get it repaired. They said that it could be the starter motor (!), a fuel supply problem (!) or the ignition barrel. I fear she may get shafted..... I told her last week to spray in some wd40 but she didn't do anything so....
  6. I said that but the ignition would be left on and a turn of the key may not start it....
  7. The barrel isn't stuck apparently as the key comes out as normal. I will tell her anyway.
  8. Normally I would wizz over and fix it but I have moved to Cambridge and she is in Coventry. I told her to take it to a garage near her house, leave it with them, walk home and use the other car. The text reply was "I'll do it tomorrow- busy today". She must be leaving it running outside Sainsburys..... Try and help..ppshh..
  9. The mother in law has just called in a panic. She cant turn the engine off even if the key is removed. 1996 2.0 manual. Ignition barrel worn?
  10. The mother in laws 1996 r4 needs new front brake pads. I am going to swap them tomorrow, however, the pedal traval at the moment is shocking. If replacing the pads and bleeding the system doesn't sort it is there anything at the rear drum to be adjusted? The hand brake is ok. I haven't looked inside a drum brake in 25 years....
  11. Hmm. The hole was at the back of the pipe where the bracket bolts it to the wheelarch. I could get a couple of fingers in easy so it must have been leaking for some time.
  12. I fixed it today. I got hold of 38mm flexible nitrile hose and 15mm id breather hose from a place called Viper motorsport. I cut the rusty parts out and put in the flexi hoses. I managed to fit the plastic cover back on as well. Cost of the pipes was £48 inc delivery. The pipe from toyota was £120+vat. I made a video so i will put it on youtube (how sad..).
  13. By the way- anyone know the diameter of the pipe?
  14. By the way- does anyone know the diameter of the filler neck pipe?
  15. Anyone point me in the direction of a supplier of suitable pipe or hose. I have had a quick look for suppliers in Coventry but nothing yet.
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