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  1. Yes there is, it just sits inside the seams top and bottom, and lose by the sides, I would have thought there would be something else but if thats all there is then cool :) Thanks for the reply Arrow.
  2. Hi, I got my new alloys and tyres fitted the other day and decided to take it for a mini valet (usually do it myself but didn't have time) and when the interior was cleaned they must have pressed really hard on the gear gaiter because it was pushed in / not connected to the console. I've lifted the console and re-fitted it, there was nothing around it, just the leather which seems to sit in some grooves. My question is, should there be something, have they removed a plastic cover or surround where the gaiter meets the center console? Also, I think they must have wiped some grease of or somethi
  3. Hi Paul, yes so have I. I was going to get something like a fiesta or something but figured I'd get something I'd always wanted :) It drives really well, had it checked over by a mechanic friend the other day, its in fantastic condition. Really pleased with it.
  4. thanks, just had the rear discs and pads done, pick up new alloys and tyres tomorrow or Tuesday, love driving it. handles great. Although I don't really hammer it, but its nice every now and then to take a corner a little faster than I would in my previous car (which was a good few years ago, not drive for years and I'm glad I went with the Celica), just sticks to the road :)
  5. Yes that helps, I wont notice the different in acceleration I don't think, I don't really leather it anyway, tyres on there now are budget ones so sure it will improve if anything. I went for those as the next ones up were massively different in price and the reviews online for those ones weren't too bad. Getting them next week. Thanks :)
  6. I think I'm going for the alloy above with 215/45/17 ZR vredestein ultrac cento (91Y) XL tyres. Do these sound ok, are those tyres any good? Thanks, Carl.
  7. Arrow, you mentioned stainless steel rims, if I go for silver, thinking of something like this http://www.wheelbasealloys.com/17_Inch_MSW_19_Silver_Alloy_Wheels__2693 are they any good, the make I mean? Thanks, Carl.
  8. Thanks for the replies Arrow and Sophie. Been looking at tyre prices, think I'll set aside at least £400 for some decent tyres.
  9. Is that your car Sophie, what alloys have you got on those, they look a mix of black and silver? :)
  10. Hi, They don't look too bad actually, I've had a look on wheel base alloys but cant see those. Black with the silver rim might look ok thought, there's so many to chose from its hard to decide lol EDIT: Those look nice also, need a 5 wheel nut alloy though (if that wordings correct) Thanks Sophie.
  11. Although I am a fan of night rider (the original) so not averse to black, as long as they look right lol
  12. Hi, I'm not sure, not had a car for years so still getting to grips with the price of them. If I stick with 16" then I can use the existing tyres so probably around £400, if I go to 17" I'll need new tyres so probably all in about £700 - but i would like decent tyres to thats not set in stone as I can sell the existing alloys on ebay to get a little back. I don't want them to look cheesy or boy racer, want them to compliment the car (obviously lol) its black without the boot spoiler so was thinking silver (or similar) to break the black up. Any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks, Carl.
  13. Hi, I'm looking at putting some new alloys on mine, currently have 16" Toyota originals but they really tatty, rest of the car is in really good condition so want the allows to match and the people I've spoken to don't want to recon them (said they never take well and can't guarantee the refurb would last) From what I've read I'd be better switching to 17", can anyone recommend any please? Thanks, Carl.
  14. HI, I've bought a 2005 Celica which I love, liked the look of them for years and treated myself last week. So far loving it. Anyway, thought I'd say hi. Carl.
  15. Welcome to the Toyota forums carl-b :)

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