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  1. daglas

    Oil Leak

    I begin to fear what today I find out in the service , last night i found a leak of oil on the flor and alternator is make noise which can be becouse is covered with oil . i had this car for week. whot happen with Toyota AVENSIS 2009 D4D T4.
  2. I know that Avensis is a quality car like all Toyota cars but as a new owner you have to understand my concern. . Plese if you know anything that can help just let me know . THANK YOU !!
  3. Thanks ,I hope is just that ,is also a lot of soot in exhaust . I will check coolant and oil level , but for how long .
  4. Hi everyone, I just bought a 2009 USED AVENSIS 2.0 D4D T4, after a few days I noticed white smoke coming from the EXHAUST WHEN STARTING THE ENGINE, I went immediately to servis and there I was told that everything is fine, can anyone tell me that this is something normal. thank you .
  5. Welcome to the Toyota forums daglas :)

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