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  1. Hello, Could someone with a Yaris Verso parcel shelf please post the dimensions of the shelf? I'd like the length and width of the shelf, length of the poles and distance between the poles, and also the distance from the edge of the shelf to the pole brackets. Thanks! You can probably guess I'd like to see if one of these will come close to fitting something else: a bB which has the same pole-mounting arrangement.
  2. Hi, the gen1 bB drivetrain is Yaris based. Service parts aren't hard to obtain. Body parts are a different matter, but windscreens appear to be no problem.
  3. Hello, Can anyone give me the dimensions of the heater knobs in a 2001 - 2003 Prius please? I've seen some for sale and quite fancy a set to liven up the inside of my Toyota bB, Thanks!
  4. Hi, I owned a Will Vi a few years ago and I don't recall any way of turning off the passenger airbag, sorry to say.
  5. Hi, can anyone tell me the size of the engine bay cooling fan on the Mk1 and Mk2 MR2 please? My car, not an MR2, has a similar arrangement and the fan has self destructed. I was hoping an MR2 fan would fit, more or less. Thanks!
  6. Sorry to say I never came across any online group specifically for the Will Vi although here is as good a place as any, what with the Yaris subforum as well.
  7. Hi, I have a Will Vi with the original wheels and trims, although I had to remove the lacquer and polish them back to the smooth plastic to get some scuffs out. What kind of alloys do you have?
  8. The MAF sensor is also a possible culprit.
  9. The Passo is the same car as a Daihatsu Sirion, if that helps.
  10. This is Tondor, do you get a new dial with speedm8 as well as an electronic box, I have a 2001 Spacio

  11. Elsewhere on this forum Ithis thread I found something that might help.
  12. I have a Speedm8 fitted on my car. It's a box that converts the speed pulse going to the dashboard. Other makes are available. It does mean the speedo needle's travel is less (70mph is at a different place than 120kmh, for example) , but also the odometer and trip meter will start clocking in miles as well. They are for electronic speedos which I guess most modern cars are. In the days of cable driven speedos you could buy a little mechanical reduction gear for the speedo.
  13. Hi, congratulations on getting a Will, I've had one since January 2010. They are great little cars aren't they? Tyre pressures are listed on the driver's door pillar, unless the sticker's been removed. On mine there's a figure of 2.0 for the standard tyres, which I guess must be 2.0 Bar, or 29 PSI. That is too low for my liking and you might like to consider the equivalent Yaris pressures, around 34 PSI I believe. I prefer more air in my tyres than that. The reverse beeper is I think on the instrument panel and disabling it would be a matter of cutting a wire somewhere. Or, give it time, perha
  14. That old warning about overinflated tyres wearing out the centre of the tread is from the olden days of cross-ply tyres, by the way. I haven't heard of brand new (radial) tyres developing a bulge if overinflated, and I've not experienced that. (If they're on the car, the tread would be flattening against the road surface all round the tyre circumference, all the time the wheels were going round anyway which would counteract any tendency to bulge, even if the tyre construction allowed it to happen) This thread reminds me to check my tyre pressures tomorrow. Thanks!
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