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  1. it looks like this will be a monumental task. basically i think we shall have to completely swap everything from the gti to the gs, including all electronics and wiring loom etc. hmm we better rethink this to be sure we are up to the task
  2. the two cars in question are a 1993 2.0 GTI E carina e saloon or 1995 2.0 L toyota carina e gti and a 1996 1.8 gs carina e estate
  3. thank you for this information. sounds like a much bigger job than we hoped. would it be possible to completely swap the entire engine and suspension and wiring loom and all the electrics. i guess what i am saying is would it work if we took the 1.8 body shell and dropped it onto the gti ?
  4. hi everyone. here is my mates latest idea. he owns a 1996 carina e 1.8 estate. he has found someone selling a 1993 2.0 gti saloon. he wants to swap the engines and the disc brakes from the gti onto the estate. does anyone know if these two cars use the same chassis etc. will the rear stub axles and discs be a straight swap. i assume the engine will be a straight swap and other things like electric rear windows and mirrors will just bolt on ant the wiring connections will already be in his own car. do not ask WHY he is taking a good gti and turning it into an estate but i guess it will be something different. anyway any advice or help would be greatly appreciated
  5. ok, so i still thinking of doing this conversion and have been asking around about it. it seems the celica is the only other model that i can salvage parts off for the back brakes. can anyone tell me if the anti roll bar etc will be in the same positions or woll i have to use the entire rear axle.
  6. sorry, they are 5 stud. and i was wrong about hp. it is 107 hp.
  7. yeah, that name lingers on from days of old haha
  8. thank you very much. cool name :)
  9. also my car is 126 hp, but everywhere i look it says it should be 107hp. it is listed as a e gs but would someone have changed the engine at some point, perhaps the ed3 engine which is 126 hp
  10. i have been reading that celica parts will fit my car. does anyone have any idea which celica i need to go for and how much do i need to change eg suspension, brake lines, hand brake, etc. i REALLY HATE the drum brakes. what other info do i need to supply here (sorry newbie here)?
  11. hi all. i have a 1997 carina E 1.8 16v estate
  12. hello all. i am only new here but have seen some interesting topics. i was thnking of converting my 1997 carina E gs 1.8 rear brake from drum to disc. what would be the problems i might meet. what other model would fit mine please?
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums crzybkr :)

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      thank you

      i have a 1997 carina E 1.8 16v