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  1. One pair, left & right Moog lower control arms for a T25 Avensis. Bought for my '07 plate tourer, however the head gasket failed (2.2) before I had chance to replace these, so they're new and still in the packing. Please see the pics for part numbers, but I believe they're relatively generic. Cost over £100 when bought, but looking for £25 the pair as I'd rather they were used than sitting around my house gathering dust (plus the Mrs has 'mentioned' they need to go. Very heavy so won't be posting, but happy for collection from Bolton, or to meet around Bolton. Any interest?
  2. *easy*

    Top Tyres

    I'm currently running on Uniroyal Rainsport 2's and I can confirm they are a bit noisy, which gets worse when off straight (they get louder on sweeping motorway corners), but I live in the north of England and if we see a big yellow ball in the sky up here we tend to think it's an alien invasion so I'm happy to put up with the noise 'cos they grip like it's dry in the wet. ;-)
  3. *easy*

    Tonneau Cover

    Hi guys, sorry to dig up an old thread, but did anyone manage to find a part number for these little blighters? Just bought a '56 Avensis tourer and they're broke. :-( Thanks.
  4. Welcome to the Toyota forums *easy* :)