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  1. Yes was just checking thats what you meant. Ok thanks for the info.
  2. The power steering system?
  3. I brought a Haynes manual so I cant locate things and check verious bits myself, but I can't find the Power Streering fluid reservoir to check its level. Its not where it shows it is on the 1.3 picture & its not on 1.0 picture either. I have the 1.3 Yaris from the colour collection 52 plate.
  4. Hello! I've not been driving long. I got my first car a little while ago & opted for a YARIS & Im so glad I did. I thought I'd join here to get answers to my questions & other things. So hello everyone.
  5. I found mine under the bonnet on the left hand side it was quite hard to find
  6. Help. Im looking to touch up the colour of my Yaris as my car is covered in scratches. My Yaris blue (the log book even says its blue) but I want to know what shade of blue. Its from the colour collection and the colour code from the vin plate is not a listed shade above.
  7. Welcome to the Toyota forums blueorblue :)

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