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  1. I have been driving t27 d4d avensis now for 3 months and think I have a few sender problem. Car reads empty and when I fill up to the brim it only takes 37 to 40 litres. I've been told removing the battery terminal will reset the computer. Dies anyone know if this is true?
  2. vecoie


    I've been offered Goodyear excel fitted for 78. But not sure if its a good tyre. Obviously Goodyear is a good make but the excel doesn't seem to get a good review
  3. vecoie


    Was thinking mid range. Tyre size 215/55 17 94w. Always used kumhos on my t25. But they were 16s.
  4. vecoie


    Sorry if this topic has been covered before. Need to get some new tyres for my t27 avensis. Just trying to find some decent tyres to fit I currently cover 20,000 miles a year. Any recommendations? thanks
  5. vecoie

    Brake Pads

    Hi, This topic has probably been discussed a number of times before. I have a t27 2009 avensis and need to change the front brake pads. I can get original Toyota pads at a fair price or a set of ebc red for the same price. What would be the better pad to fit or what would you recommend?? I currently cover 20000 miles a year. Thanks in advance.
  6. vecoie

    T29 Avensis

    The noise is no longer there. Have been talking in another link with regards fuel capacity. My car reads empty no bars but only takes 34 litres to fill to the brim. Could this possibly be a fuel sender fault?
  7. I let the fuel gage run down until there was no bars left. Went and just filled it up there diesel at £1.15.9. Filled it to the brim for £42 just over 36 litres. Range says 535 miles. My t25 avensis would take £60-70 to fill and range would be 600-700 miles
  8. Its second hand. I do alot of miles so having to top up every to £40 is annoying. Was thinking maybe there's something wrong with the tank. That's a good question ping was thinking that myself
  9. I just up graded to the t27 Avensis and from the dash saying 0 miles I can only fill with £40 to the brim. At £1.17 a litre that's well below a 60 litre tank. My t25 Avensis was able to take £60 plus. Very annoying
  10. Just made the change from a 2005 to a 2009. 2009 has a bigger interior with lots of room. But I miss the massive boot space of the 2005.
  11. vecoie

    T29 Avensis

    Its actually been happening more with a nearly full tank. I'll have to just keep driving until something does happen. Thanks for all your replys
  12. vecoie

    T29 Avensis

    That's what I thought. Well at that sort of money fingers crossed its not the epb....... Thanks for the reply
  13. vecoie

    T29 Avensis

    Sorry its a 2009 new shape Avensis. One previous owner. 58000 miles. I take it the epb would involve alot of money
  14. vecoie

    T29 Avensis

    If the fuel pump was faulty or the epb would it not show a fault indicator? Cars driving 100 % apart from this noise every now and then. Parking brake holds ok on hills etc.
  15. vecoie

    T29 Avensis

    Is the new shape mark 3 Avensis not t29. I thought my 2005 mark 2 was a t27. No nothing rubbing on the back wheel. Def an electronic noise