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  1. Hi all, Unfortunately my U/C ran out of its 3 year warranty in February 2013, so I have booked it in for Diagnostic on 11/07/13 and lets see what problems are listed for this? Its a real pain having to push the accelerator on a hill and get no response. On a straight I can get decent speeds though. Never the less its a far cry from the TURBO acceleration I used to get! p.s VSC / ENGINE / 4WD lights constantly still on when i'm driving. many thanks Hadrian
  2. Hi all U/C owners. just to confirm that I have 2010 Diesel model with 30k - which returns on average 53 to 55 mpg. This is combined town and dual carriageway driving. Problem!!! - - - I have the following 3 yellow dashboard lights come on within the last week? Tried all ways to turn lights off...but they are on ALL the time after I start the car? VSC ENGINE 4WD Can this be that I am not letting my car warm up in short local driving distances? As i car share to work, (40 miles) my longer journeys happen when its my turn to drive every 3 weeks.. Please advise if there is a quick fix on this? car has been serviced and all brakes changed within last 2 months. Main dealer wants £50 for diagnostic check! All your advise is welcome.. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums Hadrian :)