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  1. welcome to the forum . congratulationon your new car
  2. maybe you can check car GPS Navigation and make a comaprison. or you can consult them for the professional advice
  3. welcome .congratulation on your new car. why not post some pics about it ?
  4. hi guy. welcome .long and impressive introduction
  5. welcome to the forum, congratulaiton ,enjoy your ride and your time here
  6. you can google the lucida. forum or anything about lucida.
  7. Hey guys , i am new here. I have a 2012 Toyota Vios . and recently i just installed a new car dvd player .i feel it is so good . so i want to share it with you .and hoping you can show yours here , and we can share and discuss them here.
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums johnwen :)

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