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  1. Although it’s about the Prius I’ve found Graham’s Toyota Prius website explains how the hybrid system works. The link understanding your Prius takes you to all the information about the power split device which is as you said is a planetary gear. I thought the hybrid RAV had a stepped CVT till till reading this.
  2. A lot of post about it on the USA RAV forum.
  3. Is it the lane departure warning buzzer? I normally have mine switched off but it seems to reset itself to on at times.
  4. That’s explains the dead link. The post is the same. Assume they changed the link name as its the 2020 CHR
  5. Worked this morning. Try.
  6. Details of the new C-HR multimedia now on the Toyota blog.
  7. With my hybrid RAV 2018 with radar cruise control it changes with 5 mph increments. With cruise control set to non radar ( by pushing the on button for 3 secs) it changes by 1mph. Agree 5mph increments are too large.
  8. Try Got bars last year for my 2018 RAV. Had a quick look and the 2019 RAV is listed. I think the Toyota bars are Thule.
  9. robo1

    Rebadging the RAV4

    Thanks. Presumably it will be like the Aygo. Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108.
  10. Took the wife’s Suzuki Swift in for service today. Was talking to the salesman who sold her the car and in conversation mentioned I had a hybrid RAV4. Surprised when he said the new Suzuki Grand Vitara is going to be a rebadged RAV4 hybrid. Googling appears to confirm this. Wonder how it will compare on trim and price?
  11. Took my wife’s suzuki swift in for servicing today. Was talking to one of the salesman and mentioned I had a hybrid RAV. He said that the new Suzuki Grand Vitara was going to be rebadged hybrid RAV. Appears to be true. Wonder how it will compare on trim and price?
  12. I’ve now done 3400 miles . Overall average, according to the car, is 43 mpg. Since delivery in June I have used the aircon all the time and normal driving mode. Can get 50+ on a mix of A and urban roads. Tends to be 40+ on long motorway journeys as little regen possible.
  13. robo1

    Stubby Aerial?

    Thanks for having a look. Hopefully someone in the know will let us know what does what. Would be interested what you think of the hybrid after you have had a chance to drive it and how it compares to your previous RAV.
  14. robo1

    Stubby Aerial?

    Bill interesting to read your experience about the base of the aerial. Does your RAV have the aerial in the rear quarter light as shown in the photo ? Have Toyota changed the position or does the window "aerial" have another function. .
  15. robo1

    Stubby Aerial?

    Paul I have the same Aerial as Bill and likewise have had no problems and it solved the problem of the aerial catching the garage door. No problems with reception but I use the DAB radio which I believe uses an aerial attached to the small window at the back of the car on the near side.