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  1. Don’t think the heated window screen is an option on UK RAVs only Front wiper de-icers.
  2. Luke just had a look at the car in the garage. Mines the same. Must be due to the way the linkages are set up.
  3. robo1

    Spare wheel

    The space savers supplied with RAVs are steel wheels and use the same nuts as the alloys
  4. robo1

    CVT Type

    Graham’s Prius website is very informative about the CVT set up. http://prius.ecrostech.com/original/PriusFrames.htm if you click on the link Understanding your Prius it takes you to links on all the components of the Hybrid.
  5. Yes tyres marked with outside on the walls. Thought it might be similar to white goods where model numbers differ slightly for the same appliance from different retailers.
  6. Must admit I had not heard of Toyo tyres before pickup. On the Toyo website R46 tyres are listed not R46A so I am assuming they will be very similar. ? Signifies Toyota version.
  7. Collected my latest RAV from the dealer. It’s a Dynamic. Thought it would be fitted with Bridgestone Allenza tyres but was surprised to see its fitted with Toyo Proxes R46A tyres. Looking at the Toyo website they say the R46 tyre ( no A ) was developed for the Mazda CX-5. I assume Toyota fit different tyres depending on availability and perhaps price deals.
  8. Took delivery of car last Friday. No panoramic roof but wheel well filled with large piece of polystyrene with small cut outs for small compressor and can of goo. A lot of wasted storage space. My 18 inch 235/55 tyre fits easily into the wheel well. Room around and within wheel for tools and jack. As tyre is 8 years old, well worn and just legal have bought a new 225/60 R18 tyre which is a closer match to the new 19 inch tyres. Standard Toyota wheel retainer works without any modification. Luckily eBay search produced a RAV mark 5 scissor jack from a breakers yard.
  9. Terry10 Very interesting reply. I’m picking up a new RAV tomorrow, with 19 inch wheels, and like you I have a full size 18 inch spare from my previous Diesel RAV. ( present driving hybrid model) The spare size tyre is 235/55 R18 which is 8 years old. Think the new RAV has 225 wide wheels so have wondered if it would fit in the wheel well. As the tyre is 8 yrs old thinking of getting a 225/60 R18 tyre which gives a difference of circumference of 0.3% according to the online tyre calculator. will find out tomorrow. As the car is built with a space for a full size spare it shou
  10. Problem now is the Dynamic has 19 inch wheels and no space saver even without the sun roof.
  11. Hi Giselle77 I don’t have a Yaris but my previous RAV had the plastic cover around the isofix anchor points. Present RAV does not. You should be able to see/feel the anchor point between the bottom and back of the seat. Not as easy to find or attach as when you have the plastic guides . Attached photo gives you an idea but shape may differ. Mines are more of a |__|. Shape
  12. Yes you can keep it plugged in as it also has USB sockets. It will switch off when you stop the engine as the cigarette socket is only powered when the hybrid is switched on.
  13. 👏 ps. When you check the voltage you want the car to be in ‘accessory’ mode ( press start button but not press brake) rather than ready mode. Apologies if you know this already.
  14. Excellent. A lot easier to check. Plenty of cigarette lighter extenders and splitters listed.
  15. You could use the jump starter terminal under the bonnet. See attached photo of the Yaris manual. The multimeter would be where the battery is shown.When you get your trickle charger you will have to do this unless Mr T is putting a socket hard wired to the battery.
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