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  1. Just fitted the Thule RAV 4.5 . I thought Toyota used rebranded Thule bars but clearly not for the RAV.
  2. Sounds very expensive if you need a new sat nav unit. Doesn’t really answer your question but other option is you could buy a TomTom unit. I have never used the inbuilt sat nav on any of the RAVs I have owned. Never liked the graphics. Only down side is TomTom on window.
  3. There’s a review for an android auto one on CarPlay life https://www.carplaylife.com/video/carlinkit-4-0-wireless-carplay-and-android-auto-adapter-dongle-cpc200-cp2a-review/
  4. Other reason. Tyre inflation kit a lot cheaper than supplying 5th alloy wheel and tyre.
  5. Would prefer illuminated switches and spare wheel. Not really interested in my EV ratio as I drive along. Does say wireless smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay® is featured as standard so a plus there
  6. Thanks for the information regarding Toyota being able to do the recalibration. Would be happier if it was done by them and certainly would contact Toyota if it happens with my present RAV.
  7. Would have preferred my local Toyota garage to do the work but insurance company has an arrangement with Autoglass. Also heard that screen replacement was done by a outside contractor even if you were dealing with the Toyota dealer.
  8. With my previous 4.4 took the car out of the garage, on a sunny day. Sat on drive few hours later long crack across the screen. Autoglass replaced the screen and recalibrated the cameras. 4 weeks later call from autoglass requesting that I take the car back for rechecking. Initially claimed they checked a small sample. Wasn’t keen as half hour drive to them. On further questioning they reluctantly admitted they had discovered one of there technicians was not doing the calibration correctly. Apparently mine was fine and didn’t need recalibrating if you can believe them.
  9. Looks like it’s the 2022 RAVs that are having the recall. Just checked my 2021 RAV and no recalls
  10. robo1

    Tyre Advice

    Running at 1 , 2 or 3 psi above the recommended value assumes we all have accurate tyre pressure gauges. 33 psi on one gauge could be 35 psi on another. Does anyone get their gauge calibrated ? I’ve never done so. Tend to replace after a few years
  11. robo1

    1st Service

    Just checked mine. Two entries. One listed as hybrid health check. The other listed as Maintenance. No mention of service. A vehicle delivery entry has also appeared which wasn’t there for the first year.
  12. Thanks for the explanation. Had assumed there would have been a deleted / moderated comment as you see with other forums ( or is it fora? )
  13. Has a reply to this topic been deleted ? Received an email saying there was a new reply but unable to see it.
  14. I didn’t get a pano roof but still no supplied space saver. Have always thought the main reason is cost saving. Inflation kit is a lot cheaper than a full size spare or even a space saver
  15. Must have changed the tyre width. My manual
  16. My HEV has 19” wheels but tyres are 225 not 235 . Did Toyota increase the width of the tyre with the 2022 models?
  17. Thanks. That explains it.
  18. Adrian. Have you got a PHEV as you have not updated your profile? I’ve got a HEV with a full size spare under the floor.
  19. I think there is also an economic factor. Can of goo is a lot cheaper than a wheel and tyre. When Toyota first brought out the RAV 4.4 most were supplied without a space saver. There was many negative comments on the Toyota blog and Toyota then decided to supply the car with a space saver. Don’t know if that changed the band it was in.
  20. The dealers apparently are only allowed to supply spares which are specific for your car hence saying you can only have a full size tyre some owners have bought a space saver such as this one https://www.thewheelshop.co.uk/product/18-space-saver-spare-wheel-compatible-with-toyota-rav-4-2005-present-day/ The car does not come with a Jack or wheel brace
  21. Iain Whether you have 17”, 18” or 19 “ wheels the circumference of the tyre is the same. With a bigger wheel the height ( side wall ) of the tyre is reduced to compensate. So you could use a space saver from a 18” or 17” wheeled RAV on a 19” wheeled one. I’ve got a 18” full sized spare ( from a previous RAV)
  22. Would be better if they returned it to being based on emissions as clearly cars of the same value don’t have the same green credentials. Few years back son in law had a diesel Octavia estate and VED was £0. Could never understand that one either.
  23. It’s cannot be an environment tax. I’m driving around in a 11 month old Dynamic paying £145 VD a year. Someone driving away from the garage today, with the same car, will be paying the higher rate from year 2.
  24. Does the PHEV have the thread in the boot floor so you can use the anchor bolt? I have a full size spare and have no padding around the wheel as the wheel is securely bolted to the floor. Use the space around and within the wheel for jack , tool kit and other accessories
  25. Never understood why Toyota think the boot lighting is adequate especially when the boot is loaded. I think there should be a light in the roof above but it does mean having to roll the boot cover back. My solution was to buy a LED multi angle light from Wickes and I hook it onto the top of the rear door opening. Cheap and works for me but might not work if you were having to get into your boot a lot.
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