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  1. Hi You can use Tooth Paste to clean the headlights
  2. I think You should use Tooth Paste to clean your headlights. As it helped me to clean my car headlights.
  3. If any one interested to put lighting in their car they can even visit http://www.xtralights.com. It has all type of automotive lighting for the vehicle.
  4. Hi Dorisscott Your friend has recomended you at the write place for your cars performance parts . As when i was facing problem in my car i have also used the online service to purchase the parts for my car.
  5. I am new, So just came to say hi to all.
  6. Thank you for helping me Frostyballs
  7. Hi, I am new to this Forum I am unable to Edit my profile and upload my Pic. Please help me regarding this.
  8. Welcome to the Toyota forums AlanaBlair :)

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