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  1. I own Avensis T22 2001 and it has CD changer W53804. I was wondering, is it possible for it to display name of current song that is playing? All it is able to display is number of track in CD or tracks time. Also, I would like to ask is it always necessary to records CD's as audio CD's?
  2. Oh, I see, So all it does is displays text information on the display in specific order, format?
  3. In T22 avensis (2001), when pressing MODE for a couple of times while listening to radio or cd, I found some presets of audio (as I guess) which are called: pop, sport, news, and something else. All the time it is set to pop. I have tried to change it to news for example, but audio (sound) doesn't change. Maybe you can explain what this is and how to select them correctly?
  4. But maybe it is different for T22. Your is T25 mate.
  5. Are you sure that the side which faces YOU, (not back of the car), is the correct side to check oil level? This is critical, since one side shows min oil level and other normal...
  6. T22 D4D 2.0 2001 estate. When you are checking engine oil, at what side of meter should you look at (it has two sides)? Should you look at side which is facing towards you or should you look at side which is facing back of your car? This is very important to know, I think, because one side says there is normal amount of oil and the other says there is minimum amount of oil left.
  7. I would like to ask if T22's (2001) D4D 2.0's even have EGR valve and if so, where is it located and is it a hard job to get it out and clean it? Maybe someone has a picture which could help to locate it?
  8. But as I have heard, only in modern engines fuel injection is stopped if coasting.
  9. I own 2001 T22 D4-D 2.0 estate and I was wondering, which saves more fuel: coasting while in neutral or coasting while in gear? According to trip computer (which is known to be quite optimistic), while coasting in neutral, it shows, lets say, about 0.8l/100km. If in gear, it would show (about) 1.5l/100km. So is trip computer wrong or is it not (do these engines still pump diesel while coasting in gear)?
  10. I own Avensis T22 2001 D4D 2.0 81kw. On semptember, there was perffect amont of oil in the engine (normal amount), today, after ~6k or 7k kilometers of highway driving (~120km/h, 130km/h) with fully loaded car, my check oil light turned on and I had to fill my engine up with oil again. I had to put in about 0.7l of oil in order to make it at "normal" grade again. I am worried, is this normal? I never owned a car before. Other people are saying that it is fairly normal for it to eat that much oil, but I am still worried, a lot. It doesn't feel like engine would be very tired, it goes pretty well, there are no noises, it passed all the exhaust gas checks without any issues, everything seems to be more then fine. Do you have any ideas/tips?
  11. I own 2001 D4D avensis estate. It has exactly the same trip computer/radio like in this picture: There are buttoms like "guidance" "reroute" and "navi", but they don't do anything. Does this mean that my car has satnav, I just don't know about it and it is not properly connected to a car? And how can navigation "work" on such a small display?
  12. Many thanks. Forgot about that. After work I will see if I can find it :)
  13. I have 2001 Avensis T22 2.0 D4D estate and I would like to ask, at what pressure should my tyres be? (in bars)
  14. Yes, but is there easier, faster way?
  15. I own T22 2001 D4D 2.0 Avensis Estate. I would like to ask how to make trip computer to recalculate the range. Sometimes, when I park my car on a road which is not even, when my car becomes oblique, the fuel needle of course rises up (after a short while on a straight road it evens like ti should) and then trip computer calculates range (adds +100km or so) and stays that way. Then I have half a tank and it says that I can go 800km!.