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  1. So, yesterday whilst crawling through a multistory at 5mph looking for a space, the (drivers side) driveshaft snapped. Cue a three and a half hour wait for the RAC (bearing in mind I had my two week old son with me) and an approx £350 bill. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I was more than a little surprised really, the rola's only done a smidge over 50k, and it's not like I've been ragging it around like a seventeen year old virgin in a vauxhall corsa, especially not since the birth of my lad. I could've half understood it if I had my foot down, but walking pace? I'm just glad It
  2. Thanks! Went to toyota and bought a 'service kit' package consisting of oil filter, air filter,, spark plugs and toyota oil. Thought I may as well fit genuine parts and make a fresh start as ive got no service history with the corolla. Fairly pricy but hopefully worth it in the long run as now we're down to one car reliability is a must. Bogsausage.... I know what you mean about the negative attitude surrounding the t sport. I think it got compared very unfavourably with the clio 172 and civic type r on release, both very focused 'balls out' track ready, boy racer hot hatches. Whereas the t s
  3. Thanks for the advice both of you. Much appriciated.
  4. Anyone out there? Any advice very much appreciated, especially on the oil question as I'm not sure if I need fully or semi synth' or what weight.
  5. Hi, My girlfriend bought our first toyota, a 2003 corolla t-sport 4dr with 46k on the clock, the car seems in a great condition for its age (although I'm probably speaking too soon, as we've had it less than a week) and tight as a drum. A couple of newbie questions.... What sort of oil do you guys think I should be running based on the age / mileage? Have any of you guys seen worthwhile improvements in mpg by using hi-octane? (v-power etc). for our first fill up we used regular 95 and I'm getting around 34mpg driving fairly conservatively. I had thought I might be better off with the v-power a
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums Ape spec :)

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