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  1. Happy Birthday RAV 4 1998 2 DOOR!

  2. Hi. My 1998 rav4 3 door has a intermittent leak in the windscreen. I think that the water accumulates under the rubber rack strips that go from rear to front of the roof. When it really poors water will run down the inside of the windscreen and onto the dash. Is there any gutters or drain holes in the pillars as i am unfamiliar with this car. Maybe they're blocked.
  3. Sorry for the delay. Turns out it was the starter motor after all. When I installed the new one it turned over so much quicker and quieter. The original one must have been on its way out for a long time as i had just got used to the sound of it. Any how all is well now.
  4. Hi to all. Got a problem with my 1998 3 door. Recently had a problem with the car not starting. So thinking that the battery must be flat i charged it and no problem it went. Since then have bought big 650 CCA battery for it and low and behold the problem has arisen again. Let me explain. When turning the ignition key the starter will engage on the flywheel but will not turn over the engine. If i persist and keep turning the switch off and on again it will start up eventually. To better describe what it sounds like is I get the feeling that it is a compression lock but when it does start it's
  5. Hi Voodoo. I have the same problem with my 2 litre. Apparently it is a problem with this type of engine. I read somewhere some time ago on some other forum that this is not a problem but an annoyance and to just let the car warm up and it goes away. I have looked into finding the origin of the noise with a stethoscope but damned if I can find it.
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums RAV 4 1998 2 DOOR :)

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