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  1. Does anyone know of any independent garages in and around Edinburgh that i can take to get my Aygo serviced which will also keep it under warranty by using Toyota parts etc?
  2. Hi, I bought an Aygo in Jan this year and paying it over 3 years 0% finance and for the last payment i have a lump sum of £3600 or i hand the car back. My question is, can i pay the £3600 lump sum now and continue to pay my monthly amount for the final 2 years and then that's it?
  3. Yeah i have looked at some YouTube clips and they all seem to use a heat gun/hairdryer. How easy is it to remove the wheel arch liner as that's what is stopping me from pushing the bumper out?
  4. Hi, Some idiot hit my car yesterday and never left their details! The dent is on the front bumper and was wondering if it's easy to repair myself or get a garage to do it? I have got all the marks out with the wonders of t-cut. How do i remove the front mudflap so i can get to the bumper so i can push it out?
  5. After some idiot scrapped into the side of my wifes car and drove off i'm wondering how much Toyota would charge to paint the back bumper of a 62 plate Aygo Fire 3dr in white? Thanks.
  6. Welcome to the Toyota forums AygoFire62 :)

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